Aberrant Construct - Silience

Band : Aberrant Construct

Album/EP : Silience

Genre: Slamming Deathcore

Label : N/A

Location : Oklahoma City, OK

FFO : Ingested, Acrania, Acranius

The production on this record is great. Its gritty and slamming. The only part I wish was a tiny bit better in the mix, was the snare drum. I feel like thats the only part out of the entire album that could be just a notch or two higher. Otherwise the mix is fantastic. Everything blends well and compliments perfectly. The shining element is pretty obvious, the Tech N9ne style speed vocals scattered through the album. Zach’s vocals are face melting fast. 

The song structures are typical of slamming death core. They contain blast beats and vocals that of the devil. The songs pick up and right as they hit a peak, the guitar slows to a stank face inducing chug. When you hear that, you know exactly whats coming, the slam. The songs flow fast and easy. There are no super sudden tempo changes, which I am happy about. “ ‘Silience’ Is a concept EP about a guy who hates himself and life in general, tries to kill himself in the title track and fails, and has a mindset shift because of it causing him to get after changing himself into the best version of himself he can be” - Zach Smiley (Vocals)

This will be played on my speaker at work. I love it very much. The lyrics go along wit hthe theme mentioned above. Thats definitely something I love. I love albums that tell a story, and find a way to make you envision yourself in the writers idea. My favorite part is definitely the speed and pronunciation that Zach has. For the style of vocals, its super fast but also pretty clear to understand. As I mentioned before, I wish the snare and drums were just a notch or two higher in the mix. But other than that tiny detail, I have no complaints what so ever.

Overall, this record definitely hits hard. Its got the slams that will change your facial expression. Its got vocals that will make you wonder “How in the fuuu…”. Its just an insanely heavy record that every slamming death core fan should have.

Star Rating:10/10

Strongest Song: Darkness Within (Featuring James Martin of Aegaeon)

Make sure you pick up your copy of ‘Silience’ below:



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