Abnormality - Sociopathic Constructs

Band : Abnormality

Album/EP : Sociopathic Constructs

Genre: Technical Death Metal

Label : Metal Blade Records

Location : Marlborough, MA

FFO : Origin, Suffocation, Cryptopsy

The production on this record is their best yet. The arrangements and technicality in their writing definitely shows they are still one of the heaviest in the genre. Their shining element is definitely how they take different aspects of all their influences, and turn them into their own unique spin on the genre. At times I felt the mix was a little off, but I was wrong. After listening a couple times, I realized that Mallika’s voice is just that deep. 

These are definitely some of their fastest tracks. Im not too sure on a narrative, but I can definitely tell its anger filled. Which always makes for some of the best music in genre. Some of the songs definitely had a structure. Monarch Alpha has a chorus and verses. Some of the other tracks were just straight up death metal. 

Well, I originally received this promo almost a month ago. I didn’t realize it t first, until like a week ago. But for the past week I’ve had this on repeat. Ive been looking forward to it. Its definitely got everything a fan of Abnormality could ever want. I don’t have the lyrics in front me of, so I can’t really comment on the lyrical aspect. Compared to their last record (Mechanisms of Omniscience) , this record just further pushes their own boundaries. The record is just a hair more technical, but also has a classic death metal vibe to it. 

Overall, its a great listen. Its got super technical death metal riffs. Layered with some Suffocation influenced vocal patterns. If you were a fan of this band before, you will not be disappointed with ‘Sociopathic Constructs’.

Star Rating: 9.5/10

Strongest Song: Dying Breed



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