Ad Vitam Infernal - Infernal Comedy

Band: Ad Vitam Infernal

Album: Infernal Comedy

Genre: Death Metal

Label: Lavadome Productions

Location: France

FFO: Centurian, Morbid Angel, Hate Eternal

Ad Vitam Infernal wastes no time getting to the point from the very beginning. The self titled opening track blasts into speeding drums, riffs, and an ongoing scream. As a death metal fan, right off the bat you know this is going to be something good. Production is a little thin, but is mixed rather well. Nothing peeks it’s head out too much, and everything can be heard clearly. The vocals are a deeper register for the most part, which I enjoy, but are still able to be heard in a concise manner. 

If there’s one word to describe ‘Infernal Comedy’, it’s “Speed”. Hardly are there any breaks in these roughly 36 minutes from an intensity coming from somewhere. The drums might slow down but the guitar keeps going at it, and vise versa. The only slower moments are when we get these spoken word breaks. Which I can’t say I’m fond of. If it were up to me, that aspect would be taken away. Luckily it doesn’t happen often enough to take away from the rest of the album. Something that really adds to certain songs is the change of pace. In the song ‘Hell Hunger’, there is a very smooth transition from the beginning rush of noise coming from all angles that turns into a simplified, very groovy verse. But once again, keeping the drums fast. This part of the song then gravitates back to the rush. I can really appreciate the detail put into something as simple yet major as pacing and transitioning. The vocals tend to go along with the speed of everything else of course. Making for well rounded songs that keep the listener engaged with every movement of the song. To give all this talent a meaning, is the story telling behind it. Taking direct influence from the book ‘Dante’s Inferno’, Ad Vitam Infernal tells the story in their own words, making for a very epic adventure, with a soundtrack to go with it. 

This album’s lyrical concept is a rather unique idea, at least one I have never heard before. If you’ve read the book, these stories will sound familiar, just in a much more epic way. With all things considered, I still ran into one big problem when listening to this album the couple times after the original listen through. That’s replay value. I like a lot, in fact most things about this record. But I found myself getting a bit bored halfway through another listen. Now I don’t think an album is meant to be binged multiple times over, but I fear what that would mean for a future listen. Perhaps Infernal Comedy is something I’ll come back to only every so often.

This young band just starting off has a lot of potential and I’m excited to see where they take the next project. Another story? A different concept? Either way I’ll be there for it. This album is strong across the entire checklist. Instrumentals, vocals, and lyrics. As long as they keep up the talent, keep things fresh, and even up the production some more, I don’t see why this band can’t go places. 

Rating: 8/10

Strongest Song: Hell Hunger


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