Aegaeon - Age

Band : Aegaeon

Album/EP : Age

Genre: Metal

Label : N/A

Location : Evansville, Indiana

FFO : Aversions Crown, Boris The Blade

The way this record was mixed and produced, makes it one of the best records of 2018 so far. Its got pretty much everything you could expect from Aegaeon. It has the atmospheric undertones, some extremely heavy deathcore riffs, and the primal growls of James Martin. Personally, I think what shines the most on this record, is how seamless the record is. It flows so naturally, in a way not many bands can accomplish.

The way the songs are structured on any release, I feel, can make or break a record. ‘Age’ is absolutely structured perfect. Like I said before, it flows perfectly. When you listen to it front to back, its like you’re traveling through space, at least that’s how I feel. You can put the record on, close you eyes, and imagine your self floating through the vast abyss off the universe.

If you don’t have this constantly on repeat, you seriously have issues. Once I heard that James left, I was a tiny bit upset. Now I’m not knocking Julian (vocals on past tracks ‘Neural Union’ and ‘Integral Path’), he did fantastic. But I feel that Aegaeon has only one voice that fits the band perfectly.

One of my favorite parts, it the image it the record paints in your mind. When I hear this record, this is what I envision. Nothing but floating through a vast emptiness. You alone with your thoughts, trying to survive. My least favorite part of the record, is when it ends. But of course that can be solved by putting it on repeat album.

Compared to their last release ‘Being’, Age is a step up. The production got much better. The song structures are more intricate. ‘Age’ flows easier for the listener. I already cant wait for the next release.

Overall, this is my favorite release by the band. They have grown into an absolute monster. ‘Age’ will go down as one of my favorite releases of 2018. 

Star Rating: 10/10

Strongest Song: Ruination, Metamorphosis 



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