Aenimus - Dreamcatcher

Band : Aenimus

Album/EP : Dreamcatcher

Genre: Technical Death Metal

Label : Nuclear Blast

Location : California

FFO : The Kennedy Veil, Delusions of Grandeur, Born Of Osiris

The production on this record is absolutely OUTSTANDING. Jamie King captured this bands sound perfectly. They are a very unique blend of progressive metal, like Between The Buried and Me. But they also have a technical aspect like The Kennedy Veil. Then the top it off with groove like Born of Osiris. To me personally, their shining element is made up of multiple things. They remain super heavy and technical, for most metal fans. But they throw in some beautiful instrumental aspects, for the classier metal fans. The mix is outstanding. There literally is nothing I can find to complain about. Bravo Jamie!

The song structures aren’t all the same, at least from what I can tell. There are definitely chorus and verse arrangements. But I feel like a couple songs aren’t arranged as such. Despite that, the album flows beautifully. From beginning to end, its a relentless assault of technicality and beautiful craftsmanship. The narrative is something I enjoy very much, horror stories. Its not a slasher type of record, the writing is much deeper than that. Its done in such a way that you can feel the emotion during key moments. The lyrics take influence from iconic movies The Shining, IT, and Hannibal. One thing I can say, is thats a very unique thing that I don’t think ive seen before.

As someone who isn’t entirely invested into the Technical Death Metal genre, I can wholeheartedly say this album will be on repeat quite often. My favorite part is definitely the grooves that the instruments provide. there are just grooves that you cant help but bob your head along to. As for my least favorite part? What least favorite part? There is no least favorite its just a solid record. 

Compared to their last record, Transcend Reality, they have definitely matured in a couple ways. For one, the vocalists are different. The last vocalist (Matt) still killed it. He brought a nice level of brutality. The current vocalist (Alex Green) does something that I enjoy very much. He seems to make sure you, the listener, can understand the lyrics. You can hear that the instruments have gotten a bit more technical. They don’t noodle around like most tech death. But they do it in a way thats catchy and easy on the ears.

Overall, im floored by this album. From blisteringly technical riffs, to shrieking vocals, ‘Dreamcatcher’ has something for every tech death fan. If you don’t have this on your records to buy list, stop what you are doing, and go preorder this monster now!

Star Rating: 10/10

Strongest Song: Caretaker

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