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Alukah - Descending

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Band: Alukah

Album: Descending

Genre: Death Metal

Label: Stay Sick Records

Location: Waldorf, Maryland

FFO: Cognitive, Bound In Fear, Distant

For a sophomore album, ‘Descending’ has a very solidified sound that elevates Alukah in a great way. It allows me to take them more seriously than I might otherwise look at other young bands with lower production and lack of direction. Alukah’s made sure their sound on this record needs to make a statement. The mix is very good but it does seem like they took a more vocal focus angle at times.

To team up with the quality of sound, the direction they have gone is a concrete path. There’s no attempt to be abstract or create anything brand new. This can be a negative thing in a certain light that I have criticized other artists for. But these guys do just enough to have their own tone going on as to not sound cookie cutter/unoriginal. Between the very distorted guitars humming over aggressive drums and the primarily low growls of vocals, the pieces fit together very well. However, with over 40 minutes of content, I catch on to a couple things I wish were different. Although I do very much enjoy the vocal performance, there could have been a bit more diversity amongst the low, and lower growls. Riffs got crazy at times like in ‘Burning Momentum’, but still could have brought more diversity of their own at times later on in the record. They do manage to bring in change with a few awesome solos though. My favorite being towards the end of ‘Morning Whiskey’. Lyrically, topics don’t span too far from what I can tell. The class act discussion of mental states and humanity.

Despite a couple hiccups in stylistic choices, this is a very easy album to just throw on whenever. I love the in your face tone and almost non-stop groove. This took what they were aiming for on their first record to another level. Not to mention the much better production as well. Their debut LP was nothing to complain about, but it had its flaws that this new album took care of. To not only improve the sound, but the talent as well shows more care and attention that I always appreciate.

Alukah have progressed artistically with ‘Descending’ not only from previous work, but as a band in general. I can see them only improving by adding in some more instrumental technicality at times, and expanding on the already great vocals. Other than that, the distorted, mostly low-end experience is a lot of fun and empowering.

Rating: 8/10

Strongest Song: Aneurysm

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/178VaHE5YHZbEOWTuCJdDG?si=TrNL-wGjRjKVKjebwUCsPA

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/ca/artist/alukah/1163926470

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