Anger As Art - Vicious Intent (Single)

Band : Anger As Art

Album/EP : Fast As Fuck!

Genre: Thrash Metal

Label : Malevolence Records

Location : Los Angles, California

FFO : Slayer, Evile, Kreator

The production has the clarity of old school sound. They really found a way to use modern equipment, and make it sound just like an old thrash hit. Their shining element is definitely how they can be a new school band, but sound like they’ve been around since the dawn of thrash.

The song structure for “Vicious Intent” is almost like any thrash song. It’s very fast, and has a super sweet solo. The song flowed very well. From the beginning to the end, there was no stop. It was relentless all the way. The lyrics of the single have to do with what’s right in the name. It’s all about being vicious until the end.

I don’t know much about their previous work, if any, but what I do know is this single is pretty good. I would love to hear the rest of the album. If you are a fan of modern thrash (yes, thrash is not dead), then you will definitely enjoy ‘Anger As Art’.

Star Rating: 10/10

Stay tuned on as to when the full album will drop and where to get it!

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