Annihilator - Ballistic, Sadistic

Band: Annihilator 

Album: Ballistic, Sadistic

Genre: Thrash

Label: Silver Lining Music

Location: Ottawa, Canda

FFO: Overkill, Testament, Death Angel

Annihilator has released what many people are calling their best album in years, ‘Ballistic, Sadistic’. Sonically, it is almost undeniable. The production keeps things modern but manages to hold on to that classic Thrash sound. The pumping drums stand out very clearly in the mix. But what takes the cake for me are the guitars. Powerful riffage of course, but what kept me engaged the most are the solos. Not only are they creative and sound great, they often have a distinct tone to them. A good example of this is on the track entitled “The Attitude”. I’m not sure what it is about the solo, but the tone is unique enough to catch my attention and keep it. 

These ten songs come one after another with super captivating riffs and drumming. Some faster than others, but will keep your head moving no matter what. An album like this doesn’t need much theme or well thought out transitions. The songs are pieced together well enough on its own to be able to thoroughly enjoy each song individually whether it’s in a shuffle or straight through.

I love art that I can look at and find something new about it every time. That was the case in Ballistic, Sadistic. Every time I listened through it again, I heard something new or paid closer attention to a certain part. The groove of the entire album never died down either. If anything, I got more and more into it each listen. As usual with Thrash albums, the lyrics can be questionable. With this album, I was for the most part focussed on the music. But when I did give attention to the lyrics, there wasn’t anything too creative. At the least, I didn’t find myself being turned away by it. Just some regular topics and phrasing you’d expect to hear such as ‘Riot’ when he is talking about being “caged like an animal” so he’s going to start a riot. Regardless, after looking back on their past records, I would have to agree that this is some of their best work. 

The talent has always been there, other than production, I’m not sure as to what Annihilator has done differently on this record, because they just did what they always do. But the result is much cleaner and has much more depth to it. Whatever it is they put a little extra of, it works, and it sounds great.

Rating 8.5/10

Strongest Song: The Attitude


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