Anticline - Hesitancy

Band : Anticline

Album/EP : Hesitancy

Genre: Hardcore

Label : N/A

Location : Ballarat, Australia

FFO : Knocked Loose, Stick To Your Guns, Code Orange

Man, what are they putting in the water in Australia? That country has produced some of my favorite bands, such as Disentomb, Thy Art Is Murder, and soon to be Anticline. Combining some super sludgy hardcore riffs, and intense emotional vocals. Definitely provides for some heavy music.

For being their debut EP, ‘Hesitancy’ shows that these guys are planning on being around a while. The production quality isn’t bad at all. Nothing is poorly mixed. They capture the raw tones like most hardcore songs contain. On the flip side, its clear enough to understand they are playing different notes, and not the same 4 chords over and over. I feel like their shining element is that they can cater to different crowds. On one hand, they have their hardcore fans. The ones who two step and dance. On the other hand, I feel like they can cater to some deathcore fans with their downtuned guitars and intense screaming.

The song structures seem to fit a typical hardcore song. They are average length songs. But because there is so much going on, the songs feel like they go quick. There wasn’t much on a consistent theme. Each song seems to touch a slightly different emotion. Such as anger, betrayal, and a touch of loneliness. The way the vocals are being done, makes me feel the emotion of each track. I feel like I am the one experiencing what they are going through.

There is definite replay value with ‘Hesitancy’. It’s a decent crossover between hardcore, with a touch of deathcore, at least to me. I don’t know what they did, but they have me hooked. There isn’t anything to compare it to right now, but I am definitely looking forward to their next release. I hope one day they bring their brand of hardcore over to the states. I’d love to be there when they do.

Over all, I’m super psyched about this. There’s a bit of something that modern heavy music fans can enjoy. From two step riffs, to some heavy emotional lyrics. I would definitely like to seem them play any hardcore tests over here in the states. I know they would be welcomed. I look forward to hearing more from the dudes in ‘Anticline’

Star Rating: 10/10

Strongest Song: Salience, Paranoia Cycle.

‘Hesitancy’ will be available here, available 8/31/18:



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