Anticline - Urgency

Band : Anticline

Album/EP : Urgency

Genre: Metalcore/Deathcore

Label : N/A

Location : Ballarat, Australia

FFO : Stick To Your Guns, Code Orange, Knocked Loose

The production/mix is just slightly dirtier than their previous EP. but I think this type of dirty sounding hardcore/deathcore/metalcore is their perfect sound. Most bands don’t find their signature sound until 3+ albums into their career. What sticks out the most, to me, is you can hear their energy. Just raw, primal, unfiltered energy. The record has some super solid pacing. Its not entirely fast, but when the speed it up, its definitely fast. The slower breakdowns are absolutely crushing.

I don’t think there is much of a structure to the songs. It sounds like there might be, but I can’t tell. As I’ve mentioned many times before, not all great records need a structure.

One thing I’ve been a sucker for lately, is relatable lyrics. What I get from this record, is a range of emotions spanning from depression/sadness, to things like anger and hatred. A lot of bands tends to write about the same themes over and over. Not a ton of artists broaden their lyrical capabilities, so to have a smaller band write about stuff that I feel on the daily, is killer.

Each song flows SUPER well. Each track has some good pacing/a balance of fast circle pit riffs and caveman style break downs. Urgency starts off with their most energetic song on the record “Headspinning Bias”. It just goes right into that circle pit riff right off the bat.

This record will definitely be on repeat for me. Its got all the same elements of their previous release, but with a little extra energy and emotion thrown in. Which is what bands should do. The breakdowns make me want to smash my computer as I write this. But I can’t, because my MacBook was expensive. I think my favorite part is definitely the breakdowns. While they may sound like a simple breakdown we’ve heard 1000 times before, the energy through each track that builds up to the breaks, is what sets these breakdowns apart. My least favorite part is the grittiness that I hear. It sounds like there’s a bit of extra feedback. The type of thing just isn’t my bag, ya know? Now I realize that might be hypocritical compared to what I said at the beginning of this. But thats fine. Its their sound. I’m not used to a gritty sound like that. I still enjoy this record.

So compared to their last record, Hesitancy, only a couple things have changes. The production/mix its louder and a little clearer. I also feel like their writing has matured a little bit. The songs on the last ep all kind of sound the same. Now I understand that on a record, thats going to happen. But each song should have its own profile. If that makes any sense.

Overall, yet another solid release from our Australians in Anticline. Urgency is a modern blend of Hardcore, Metalcore, and Deathcore, and is packed full of all the best parts of those genres. I’m glad to see small bands still making music during these hard times. Clocking in at just over 20 minutes, Urgency will make you want to circle pit and smash all objects in your room.

Star Rating: 9.5/10

Strongest Song: Pitch Black


Big Cartel:



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