Aronious - Perspicacity

Band: Aronious

Album: Perspicacity

Genre: Progressive Death Metal/Tech-Death

Label: The Artisan Era

Location: Wisconsin

FFO: Immanifest, Singularity, The Ritual Aura

Right out of the gate, Aronious hits us with an instrumental beginning to the opening self titled track, proving not only their talent and unique writing, but also their quality of such. It has good sound quality but the mix on all of these instruments, including the backing track, is superior to a lot of other young bands I’ve heard. As the track goes on, and throughout the whole album, the key component that stands out the most continues to be the instrumentals. These guys certainly take pride in their meticulous skills.

Oh how I would love to be able to discuss the song structure that is being displayed here, but I can’t. And I think that’s how they designed their album to be. It’s what makes this band unique, even within their own genre. The riffs, verses, drum patterns, and everything in between seems to have the most organized disorganized instrumentals I may have ever heard. If that statement sounds confusing, I’ll clarify - that’s a good thing. It keeps you on the edge of your seat during every song and wondering what is next. This in turn keeps pacing absolutely beautiful and allows parts and songs to flow flawlessly into each other. So it is organized because you can hear the years of effort and creativity in this. It’s clearly not just mindlessly thrown together, but also disorganized in the sense there is no clear formula being followed. Instrumental songs ‘Modernity’ Pt.1 and 2 are perfect to be able to really pay attention to these elements I’m describing. They are a roller coaster with no worry of derailing. 

Not only will you want to listen to this album over and over again, but you’ll also have to. There is so much to take in within this hour of music that you can’t possibly hear everything offered at once. Your mind will travel across each instrument separately at times. There are moments where you will be zeroed in on the bass or the drums and forget about the guitar and vice versa. Even after a couple listens I know I missed out on certain parts and can’t wait to dive back into it. Does this mean you have to be sitting down with your eyes closed, doing nothing else when listening to this record? No, you could very easily enjoy this a heavy deathcore jam at any point in time, but I am convinced you won’t be able to appreciate the detail and passion without at least one sit down with it. If you’ve heard their previous work, this practice should be nothing new. But even with their EP being a monster in it’s own right, they turned everything up on Perspicacity. There is nothing that didn’t improve in the years building up to this latest creation. Even the lyrics seem to be more well written. More sophisticated in their own way. The topics at hand aren’t the most unique, but that is always something that can be forgiven in place of the instrumental quality and the way in which he delivers his thoughts. Speaking of the lyrics though, I think the vocalist could actually be a bit better as well. His pronunciation isn’t the best and his range seems to be minimal. But with how great the music is, I honestly couldn’t help put the vocals far in the back of my mind when listening anyway. 

Maybe this is just me focusing so hard on everything that I love but I can’t seem to find anything I absolutely dislike. Aronious have achieved a sound with great detail but nothing over the top like Rings of Saturn might be at times. The only thing holding this album back from technically being perfect is the sound quality could be better, the lyrics could be a little more unique, and I believe the vocalist could be better. None of these things take away from a great experience, but they do make me second guess a perfect score. Needless to say, keep an eye on these guys. 

Rating: 8.5/10

Strongest Song: Too many to choose from.


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