Arrival of Autumn - Harbinger

Band- Arrivial of Autumn

Album - Harbinger

Genre- Metalcore

Label- Nuclear Blast Records

Location- Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada

FFO- Polaris, Architects, Between the Buried and Me

So when I found out that “Harbinger” was produced by Jason Suecof, I immediately got all giddy. For all of you who don’t know who Jason Suecof, he is the man responsible for some of metalcores biggest releases in the last 20 years such as Triviums, Ascendancy and The Autumn Offerings, Embrace the Gutter. So with that news alone, you should be just as excited as I was. The sound of the record is impeccable and does not disappoint. Can tell Jason was pushing these guys to their limit.

Drums are done by Tv Fox and boy, he is quite good. Man knows his kit and it shows on this record. Wether he is playing heavy punk like beats or blasting away it all sounds great and strong. Even coming in with one of the best rides I have heard in a long time. Air drumming has been a real struggle for me. Guitars are what stand out the most in my opinion. The riffs just never stop coming. Each one fits the song like a glove. Able to keep the melody but also making you bang your head. My favorite part was the little BTBAM like licks that they thrown in. I don’t know if it was intentional but I really appreciate it.

Brendan Anderson is gonna become a household name in the metalcore guitar world. Some incredible solos. Vocalist, Jamison Friesen has some talent. And by talent I mean he is really fricking good. Using a more scream shout approach to his screams, it works for AOA. His cleans sounded a little poppier then I would have liked during the first listen but come the second time was really digging them. The only thing I can I wish there was more of is some lows. He does incorporate lows at times but it isn’t enough. Still really good though.

This is the metalcore we have been looking for. Ok, what I have been looking for. It’s melodic, it’s heavy what else could you want? It is a non stop attack to the ear drums. No ballads, no long five plus minute songs here. The opener “Hurricane on the Horizon” is a great start to the album, kind of shows a little bit of everything the band has to offer. Including the over the top cleans. The guitar hooks keep on coming and coming. Songs like “Better Off Without” and ‘Witness” are a prime example of that. If your looking for some damn good blasts, ”Old Bones - New Blood” well fulfill what you crave. The drums on the whole track are personal favorite of mine. Personally, it’s “The Endless” that makes this album a must listen to. One hell of a hook grabs the listeners attention.

Vocals are on point on this track as well. The only real negative I can give this band is that some of the songs kind of mold together. Yes the riffs stand out but the overall structure is pretty simple. Not saying I want some overly complicated stuff but I wish the songs stuck out a bit more.

Arrival of Autumn are doing something incredible here. If this is the kind of metal Canada is hiding up there then I am on my way. Harbinger is gonna be one of 2019’s best. It has everything a metalhead could possibly want. Incredible drums, stupidly good guitars and a vocalist who is pissed off. I can listen to this album all day. Have been actually. In a world where 90% of metalcore bands sound just like the other, Arrival of Autumn have arrived and are ready to take over. Do yourself a favor and give this band a listen. If you aren’t satisfied with your listen then you need to have your ears checked.

Harbinger drops March 29th on Nuclear Blast Records.

Rating - 9 out of 10

Strongest Song - The Endless

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