Asterion - Inhabit

Band : Asterion

Album/EP : Inhabit

Genre: Death Metal

Label : Independent

Location : Salinas, California

FFO : Whitechapel, Through The Eyes Of The Dead, Beneath The Massacre

The production quality on this is about what you would expect on a death metal record. It’s still super raw, but it’s a little clearer than most death metal albums. They did a great job capturing each individual instrument and vocal track. I think a shining element on “Inhabit”is how they sound like they have been around for many years.

The song structures are pretty basic. Super heavy riffs followed by heavy breakdowns/gutterals. You can definitely hear deathcore influences in their writing. I’m not quite sure what the lyrical theme is. I couldn’t find lyrics. But I will definitely throw this album in a weekly mix. It’s got pretty much everything I look for in a good heavy record.

My favorite part of the record is easily the “WOO” in the middle of the song “Denied Damnation”. That adds a fun party element to their live shows I’m sure. My least favorite part is how I feel the vocals go one of two ways. He does a decent high scream. But also does a decent mid-low growl. Is that bad? Not at all. I would just love to see him expand is capabilities just a touch. This is only their first record, so we cant expect too much. They have plenty of time to grow and mature their talents.

Overall, I’m excited to hear more from ‘Asterion’. They have some talent in the band, including Paul. Ive seen Paul shred on YouTube before, he does some pretty killer Dethklok covers. So the face he’s in a band like this, things can only go up from here!

Star Rating: 9.5/10

Strongest Song: Denied Damnation



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