Atlas Entity - Beneath the Cosmic Silence

Band- Atlas Entity

Album- Beneath the Cosmic Silence

Genre- Progressive Death

Label- Self-Release

Location- Tampa, Flordia

FFO- Amorphis, In Flames, Opeth

Similar to the bands previous EP “ Enceladus” production and the lineup stayed the same. And both were a great choice. Sound is top notch. You hear every note played by these two musical maestros. Clean and clear. Atlas Entity is technically a one man band, but on both efforts they have employed a the session drummer. Who is that drummer you ask? Well many of you may know him as 66Samus the YouTube drumming extraordinaire. But his real name is Samus Paulicelli (Decrepit Birth, Devin Townsend) and he puts on a memorable performance on this album. Everything this man does is pure gold and this isn’t anything different. Clean double bass and heavy blasts. Changing tempo at the drop of a hat. His playing sounds that of a drum machine. It compliments incredibly well with the rest of the music. The man behind everything else goes by Alex Gallegos. His talents show no bounds with his guitar playing and vocal skills. His vocals bring this sort of sinister but yet light cookie monster feel. Not to low to scare away the commoners and easy to understand. His guitar playing is unmatched from start to finish. Impeccable solos and smooth transitions between music styles. Riffs on top of riffs. With riffs sprinkled in the creases.

Prog death is a tricky genre to play. Finding the right balance between progressive and death metal is not easy. When to use melody, when to throw in some technical riffs and when to lay down the heavy. But Atlas Entity find that balance on every track. Even throwing in some metalcoreesque riffs here and there. And at the drop of a hat that band will tune it down and play these actually quite beautiful music bits. Kind of keeps the listener grounded in between the heavy. Every track has there own little thing that makes them unique. But still at the same time keeping that signature sound they have created. “In The Shadow of the Mountain” parts 1 and 2 are great examples of that. That pure heavy mixed in with bouts of melody. Resembling that of early Opeth in my opinion. But then the band kicks in the early 2000s metalcore with the opening riff in “Murmurs of Dissent. But it’s the last track “Celestial Noise” that wraps it all up and puts pretty bow on it. The heavy as balls drumming and the melodic riffs. Even a guest guitar solo from Obscura string man Rafael Trujillo.

Progressive and Death metal have always been a match made in heaven. And just like peanut butter and jelly, Atlas Entity have took both genres and made themselves one hell of a sandwich. Alex Gallegos is a hell of musician. His multi-instrumental skills are impeccable and he doesn’t even need the rest of the band. Yes Samus’s drum playing was incredible and I have to thank Alex for getting him to play on this album. This a great release. It’s everything fans of the genre look for when they are searching for new bands to listen to. Keep Atlas Entity on your mind when your looking for that new jam. Wether or not Alex employs more members to join him or not, this is a special band. Enjoy, my fellow metalheads.

Beneath the Cosmic Silence releases June 14th.

Rating- 9/10

Strongest Song- Murmurs of Dissent

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