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Aversions Crown - Hell Will Come For Us All

Band: Aversions Crown

Album: Hell Will Come For Us All

Genre: Deathcore

Label: Nuclear Blast

Location: Brisbane, Australia

FFO: Shadow of Intent, Slaughter To Prevail, Enterprise Earth

Aversions Crown has made a name for themselves through the use of an extremely powerful sound with the help of one of the best vocalists in the game. They have always maintained an atmospheric sound that holds enough weight to crush anyone daring to carry it. Even with a slight change of direction and a new vocalist on ‘Hell Will Come For Us All’, they do not leave that sound behind. The fantastic production and mix on this album will not fail to let you know that this is still Aversions Crown. My favorite aspect of this album's sound is the guitar tone. It seems to have the perfect amount of punch and distortion needed to get the job done but not be overbearing.

The guys in AC definitely made a stylistic choice for this album overall. It’s not as sporadic. Much more traditional sounding deathcore inside and out with the exception of certain vocal decisions. The instrumental work is very well structured and more fine tuned without being choppy and stiff. It feels like I have room to actually focus on something like the drums when they are completely killing it, or the individual guitar leads that are layered within a rhythm. The new style of vocal goes with it very well too. Truth be told, I don’t think Mark’s vocals would have sounded better than this if they had gone in the same direction regardless. It’s more about the overall sound than the individual pieces. I do have my more minor criticisms for it though. For one this is their shortest album to date with 9 songs at 37 minutes, especially compared to their previous 50 minute LP. That’s not a huge deal to me, but is worth mentioning. The other thing I paid close attention to that isn't my favorite aspect are certain breakdowns towards the end of the record. Among the last 3 or 4 songs are breakdowns that could be a little more imaginative. They get the job done and the outcome is sonically great but they do sound similar at times. Other breakdowns throughout the album though stand tall on their own, especially on ‘Caught In The System’ when we get a dirty drum fill before the smack down comes in. I don’t normally focus too much on breakdowns in my reviews but this album does contain a good amount of them so it’d be wrong for me to avoid the topic completely. Surrounding these breakdowns are blast beats, and really cool riffs such as one of my favorites in ‘Scourge of Violence’. Lyrically up to now, they have always been based around aliens, world invasion, things of that nature. With the new vocalist, the band has taken a turn towards more serious topics pertaining to humanity, the earth, higher powers, ex. The topics and at times, the vocals themselves remind me of Fit For An Autopsy. I say that as a good thing because that’s one of my personal favorite metal bands. No more Mark, no more aliens. I know that fact disappoints many. But this is a new chapter for Aversions Crown that is for the better. I enjoy their older music just as much as the next guy, but as we all know, bands must grow and shift in order to stay relevant and fresh.

I want to say this album is not as unique as what they usually are, but I feel like that gives a negative connotation. Yes, it’s less inventive, but what they have come up with in the direction they took is still great, just for different reasons. Old AC was great because it was set loose in every way; ‘Disgusting’ vocals that had texture to them, wild instrumentals, and lyrics that fit the sound while adding their own visceral feel. ‘Hell Will Come For Us All’ is more or less “on a leash” for the reasons described above. With that being said, I can’t stop listening to it. It works great all at once, shuffled, or just jumping into a song or two. Replay ability is just as strong as AC has ever been.

Aversions Crown has set a very good example as to why you shouldn’t doubt or turn a blind eye from an artist just because they are taking a different path. This is a very powerful album that has every right to stand next to their previous records, and anything else in the scene for that matter. Although not as many elements as they usually throw into their music, everything comes together to form a great outcome.

Rating: 9/10

Strongest Song: Born In The Gutter, Hymn of Annihilation

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6OITsYO1BqjC0VIF6yGFOc?si=p2Cfy38QSEe0Uay-2UZE8g

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/aversions-crown/484823016

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