Behemoth - I Loved You At Your Darkest

Band : Behemoth

Album/EP : I Loved You At Your Darkest

Genre: Black Metal/Death Metal

Label : Metal Blade Records (US) Nuclear Blast (EU)

Location : Poland

FFO : Dimmu Borgir, Belphegor, Vader

The production on this is superb. Daniel Bergstrand did an amazing job at capturing the vibe that Behemoth was after. I believe the shining element on this record is how massive it sound. It may have a more “rock” influenced sound. Which definitely threw me off at first. But if you sit down and actually listen to every aspect, it’s the best Behemoth record to date. The mix is perfect for this run. No instrument sounds higher or lower than the other. The vocals are the perfect level to capture the intensity behind the lyric.

The song structures are similar to ‘The Satanist’. There isn’t much of a repeated chorus or verse. But you also can tell where a verse/chorus would normally be. Their guitar solos in the record aren’t super flashy. They definitely to a more classy artistic approach, versus making a heavy record. Each song flows very well. This bunch of songs aren’t all blast beats and fast guitars like they used to be. It’s classier, easier on the ears. But its still definitely a Behemoth record.

If you know Behemoth at all, you know what most of their lyrics are about. Well ‘I Loved You At Your Darkest’ fits right in. They are probably one of the most open blasphemous bands. Instead of plain bashing Christianity, they take a more mature approach. But they make sure you understand their position on the issue. There is definite replay value with this. Being their 11th studio album, Behemoth has definitely grown. My favorite part of this record, has to be how their sound changed. Even though this album and ‘The Satanist’ are vastly different from their other records, they have stayed true to themselves. My least favorite part are the kids. It’s just creepy man. Anything with kids voices like that is just plain creepy. Compared to their last record, I believe they managed to top ‘The Satanist’. It’s much more blasphemous, but its done tastefully. Their playing has gotten more art like.

Overall, this record is perfect, absolutely perfect. They have continued to stay true to their beliefs since day one. They have grown up a lot, but managed to keep their artistic integrity. They make music for themselves. If you thought they couldn’t top ‘The Satanist’, think again. It has been done. This record contains classic Behemoth lyrics. But also has some classy guitar solos and ambient pieces perfectly placed. All Hail BEHEMOTH!

Star Rating: 10/10

Strongest Song: GOD=DOG, Angelvs XIII

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