Betrayer - Sacred Tongues

Band : Betrayer

Album/EP : Sacred Tongues

Genre: Deathcore

Label : N/A

Location : Virginia

FFO : Signs of The Swarm, Falsifier, Bodysnatcher

The production on this album is just evil. The little subtleties in the back tracks add to the overall vibe of the record. I believe their shining element is they already show massive potential. They have only been a band for a couple years, but they already wrote one of the heaviest EP’s I’ve heard in a long time. The mix on the record is fantastic. Once again, Phil from Sonic Assault in Florida knocked it out of the park. He’s a fantastic mixer of angry music, and you can definitely tell he left his mark on this release.

The song structures are short, simple, and to the point. What is that point you ask? Pure anger and unrivaled evil. The tracks flow very well. There is no crazy solos. The just get right to the anger and the intense beatdown. As for lyrical content, all I can tell is hatred. 

Once this drops, it will definitely see more play on my daily music. My favorite part is literally the breakdowns (AKA the whole song(s)). The tracks are just heavy. Its not flashy, and nothing too produced. Sometimes you need something so angry to remind you of reality. This is their first EP, so I have nothing to compare it to. But one thing I would like to see for their next release, is the annunciation of the vocals. Ian has some insane lows, and after finding out he’s only been doing this for a few years, I have faith that he will improve.

Overall, im super impressed. I Saw these guys for the first time live with Signs of The Swarm in January 2019. I had no idea who they were or where they came from. I honestly was going to stick in the back for their set. But after the first song, I found my self towards the front of the stage. By the end of it, im pretty sure I almost hit my head on stage from head banging. I INSTANTLY went back and bought a shirt. Let this be a lesson, don’t judge until you hear it. I can see these guys leaving their footprint on the deathcore scene for years to come. This is a solid release, and just a taste of what their full length could be. 

Star Rating: 9.5/10

Strongest Song: Hearing Voices

Sacred Tongues is available for preorder VIA Slam Worldwide, and will be on all streaming platforms March 13th.

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