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Bleed From Within - Fracture

Band: Bleed From Within

Album: Fracture

Genre: Heavy Metal

Label: Century Media Records

Location: Glasgow, United Kingdom

FFO: Parkway Drive, Betraying The Martyrs, Trivium

Bleed From Within has stayed consistent throughout the years with their straight forward, but gnarly heavy metal sound. Each record, only fine tuning their sound more and more into the machine they have become today. Fracture features the best sound from the band yet. The intense confidence within the production gets thrown in your face every second of this 42 minute, 10 track album. Which not to mention, is a fantastic length for a record. The nuances within the guitar licks during riffs or breakdowns adds a tang that I find highlights everything else around it.

A little phrase popped into my head at the very end of my first listen to ‘Fracture’, and that’s “aggression with precision”. The first track “The End of All We Know” is a perfect opener. It comprises everything you can expect within the rest of the album. And that chorus... that damn chorus. Talk about powerful. This band packs this same energy into every song here. Moving forward to the title track, another one of my favorites. The ambient opening with a slow rise into the chorus and a snap into an insane verse. The way they build these songs to not only construct tension but also a satisfactory result is a rewarding and fulfilling experience. It’s the kind of album you listen through and feel like you need to take a break from music for the rest of the day because those songs were so filling. Not to get confused with over-bearing. More of a delicious 5 course meal that has you saying “I need a nap” afterwards. On top of these instrumentals, we’ve got very well fitting lyrics. These are the types of lyrics that fuel you just as much as the music does, at time’s in an anthem stylistically. Such as the song ‘Into Nothing’ when the chorus kicks in with “This is not a war, it’s a victory.” I can’t help but get in the mood to just go run somewhere as fast as I can. Or maybe that’s just my inner desire to get back to a concert at this point.

Their last album, Era, was a well rounded, all inclusive sound that I think perfectly represents this band. On Fracture, they took that sound and simply amped it up through the roof. Kinda like if Usain Bolt just beat his own record. Era was great, but this is even better. This album deserves nothing less than a daily listen for a long time. And with the few listens I’ve given it so far, not a single thing I could tell you I dislike about it.

I am beyond satisfied with everything this is. My expectations were met and exceeded. The riff agility and passionate voice either soaring or crushing through hasn’t been matched this year so far. Bleed From Within is nothing but raw power. It’s albums like this that prove modern metal is alive and thriving.

Rating: 10/10

Strongest Song: The End of All We Know, Fracture

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5ZvwJikDgdP1PFU4PkAPVG?si=dql2XMPiSfaWXfWJnhkqPg

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/bleed-from-within/322931719

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