Body Harvest - Parasitic Slavery

Band : Body Harvest

Album/EP : Parasitic Slavery

Genre: Technical Death Metal

Label : Comatose Music

Location : UK

FFO : Morbid Angel, Nile, Krisiun

The production on this record is not bad. Each track is relentlessly brutal. Its got everything a death metal fan could want. I feel like their shining element is they could easily hang with the great death metal bands such as Morbid Angel and Nile. The mix isn’t that bad either. I feel like on some tracks, the vocals get drowned out by the other instruments. But over all, you can hear everything very well. The guitar solos were a wee bit louder than I expected. But good thing they fit along with the music.

There weren’t really structures to the songs. Most death metal doesn’t always have a structure. Regardless of that, each song flowed well. They are some of the fastest death metal tracks I’ve heard in a long time. There is kind of a theme along with ‘Parasitic Slavery’, and its exactly what you think it is. “Humanity feeds upon every living organism on this planet, devouring rapaciously without thought, without mercy. The Earth screams beneath the yoke of our careless slavery but we ignore the cries, driven by our endless greed we consume without respite, hurtling towards our own destruction in an insane feast of total annihilation. But there are other dimensions than the one we know, other worlds where it is the humans that scream, unheard, for eternity. There are places where we are imprisoned from birth to agonising death, where the offspring of monsters are nourished by our bodies. There are prisons where every waking moment is a nightmare and the only dream is of death, where we suffer in the chains of parasitic slavery”. Im glad it isn’t a take on the usual end of humanity. Its more of a take on humanity straight up being forced to suffer.

There is some definite replay value. It may not be something I listen to all the time. But I will definitely not skip a track if it pops up on shuffle. Compared to their first record, Futile Creation, the production and mix have definitely stepped up. I also feel like they got quite a bit faster with the music. So they are definitely maturing, which is a good sign. My favorite part of this record, is definitely the blast beats. It resembles Inferno from Behemoth. Its just straight up, in your face brutality. What I hope to see on their next record, with the production getting better again. You can have crisp and clear sounding instruments/vocals, but still be utterly brutal. Id love to see a bit of variation in the vocals as well. 

Overall, I think this record is definitely a step in the right direction for Body Harvest. They have found their speed, now they just need to dial in their sound. They are almost there, I can feel it. Parasitic Slavery has everything for the common death metal fan. It has the sheer speed of bands like Nile. The unique riffs that people are used to from Morbid Angel. Then the raw primal screams of bands like Krisiun. It will definitely grow on me, and I know it will grow on you too! 

Star Rating: 9/10

Strongest Song: Consumed by Tyrants

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