Brand of Sacrifice - God Hand

Band : Brand of Sacrifice

Album/EP : God Hand

Genre: Deathcore

Label : Unique Leader

Location : Toronto/Manhattan

FFO : Shadow of Intent, Signs of The Swarm, Falsifier

The production is fantastic. Its heavy as all hell. I do feel that sometimes the backing tracks with the industrial sounds can sometimes be a bit loud. Its not terrible, just at some parts could have been down half a notch. I feel what shines the most is definitely the way the vocals and instruments mix. The instruments aren’t super down tuned. They are just enough to compliment Kyles insane gutterals. The mix overall was pretty good. As I mentioned before, the back tracks could have been knocked down just a touch. 

The whole album flows well. The tracks are all set at a decent pace. Nothing too fast, but also not terribly slow. Its a good mix of death core/death metal. I did notice some structure to some of the songs. Not every single song, but at least half the album. Sometimes that’s a nice change of pace from the tech death that I listen to.

Vocalist Kyle Anderson was kind enough to explain the concept behind the album. “The whole record on a high level discusses the journey of the character “Griffith” from the manga Berserk and his journey from peasant to mercenary leader... then his fall and eventual return to glory... but at a huge cost. Griffith has a dream of one day ruling a kingdom, And he knows blood must be shed to achieve that dream.” He also adds “The record also talks about the protagonist of the series “Guts” and his inner struggle with demons that haunt him and his inner rage... and the quest to defeat Griffith”

There is some replay value for sure. One thing Brand of Sacrifice is doing right, is finding a very unique mix of Slam/Technical Death metal/ Death Core/Hardcore. You can hear influences from every single genre in the whole album. Im not sure on lyrical content. My favorite part of God Hand is the groove. As im typing this I find myself bobbing my head along to the record. My least favorite part is just sometimes Kyles vocal tracks can get lost in the mix. Not too much, but for me it was noticeable. Does it take away from the record? No, not at all. It could even be the EQ on my iTunes, who knows. Compared to their last record (The Interstice), there is a slight change in the writing. I feel God Hand is more of a mature approach. God Hand definitely has more of a structure to it. I feel it is also a but more focused, where as The Interstice has a bit more technicality to it.

Overall, this album will definitely put the band in people ears. Its a good mix of all the heavy genres we all love. Its mixed in such a way where when played live, its absolutely crushing. I saw them live for the first time when they rolled through Joliet Illinois with label mates Signs of The Swarm. Wether you’re a fan of Death Metal, Slam, or even Hardcore, this crushing album has a little bit for every metal head to enjoy

Star Rating: 9.5/10

Strongest Song: Divinity

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