Brand of Sacrifice - Lifeblood

Band: Brand of Sacrifice

Album: Lifeblood

Genre: Brutal Deathcore

Location: Toronto, CA

FFO: Enterprise Earth, Mental Cruelty, Slaughter to Prevail

Brand of Sacrifice is a band that I haven’t been the fondest of. Their debut EP and LP never really grabbed me like I wish it did, as it succeeded at for others. That’s not to say I thought any of their past music was bad, it just didn’t scratch that itch I was looking for. As you may know though, I always give repeated chances for bands, especially if I know I see potential in a future release. So I kept a side eye on them, and boom, they dropped a single. Blew.Me.Away.

‘Demon King’ brought a completely different level of energy, aggression, and dynamics than I ever heard from them. The singles that followed kept hitting that same level, at the least. I was officially loving Brand of Sacrifice, and couldn’t wait for this record. Not only had they been consistently outdoing themselves with each drop, but they quickly became my most exciting deathcore band releasing music right now. Top tier riffs, energy, vocals, production, and of course my favorite element, atmosphere.

From start to finish, this record is just monstrous. Everything is super fast and doesn’t slow down to turn or adjust. They hit corners at 100mph without flinching. These corners lead to often enough switch ups that the constant hard hitting instruments don’t stale within a song. Between these songs are a couple of interludes. I really like these interludes because they act, for me, like a break from the madness for a moment. While still ultimately building suspense and leading up to what’s next.

While the music itself is all powerful, the bow on top is the vocals. It’s so satisfying when a vocalist matches the energy and fills their position perfectly at the helm of the ship. Godzilla himself may as well be on the vocals for this band. The force and power in which the lyrics are delivered is unmatched.

Which leads me to the guests. You know I can not write this review without bringing up these vocal features… Instead of going through their names, I want to point out the bands they're in: Emmure, Shadow of Intent, Traitors, just to name a few. If that’s not a crazy diverse lineup of vocalists, I don’t know what is. But let me tell you, it all works. All the features fit in very well and crushed the guest spot. Due to a little bias though, I have to say Ben was my favorite. Jamie Graham is right there as well for my favorite.

In my opinion, ‘Lifeblood’ is a huge step up from their debut. It brings in a lot more elements and moving pieces. There’s more sounds and technicalities to enjoy. That being said, it’s not perfect, nor my favorite specific flavor of deathcore. Even though I don’t have any sizable complaints or changes I would make, it doesn’t move me like other records in the genre do. Albums like ‘Sea of Tragic Beasts’ from FFAA, ‘Immortal’ from Lorna Shore, or ‘Aeon’ from Defamed are all near perfect pieces of music to me. With that simple comparison, knowing this album doesn’t have that same impact on me, I automatically have to bump this one down.

What a great effort from the band. I am very pleased to hear these guys come back with massive destruction. Stronger structure, darkness, and overall talent. As long as they keep heading in this direction, I have no doubt their next LP will even top this.

Rating: 8.5/10

Strongest Song: Demon King, Vengeance, Lifeblood


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