Broken Field Runner - Lay My Head Down

Band: Broken Field Runner

Album/EP : Lay My Head Down

Genre: Indie rock/ alt rock, college rock

Label: N/A

Location: New York

FFO: Band of Horses, Yellowcard, The Vines

Lay My Head Down is the 10 track album by New York’s Broken Field Runner. In the recent years, indie rock has taken a back seat as radio turns to poppy tracks and artists, but Lay My Head Down has that early 2000s feeling of fresh, emotional-driven rock. The vocals are just straight up pure and bleed with sentiment and melancholy. Lay My Head Down aligns itself with the more “emo” side of indie rock, but utilizes different elements that make for a vivid listening experience.

The albums opens up with the harmonious “Put an Ocean Between Self Pity and Me” that is full of long tones and helps lead into cut-to-your-emotional-core “Palm Trees Wave.” Broken Field Runner brings a storytelling flow to the album with elements taken from spoken word and other artistic genres that can be heard on “God Laughs (When They Expose a Human Body).” The melody and lyrics flow seamlessly together throughout the album and leave room for the listener to vibe. Speaking of lyrics, you can really hear the coffeeshop-esque poetry inspiration such as on “Millenial Pink” and very much on “God Laughs (When They Expose a Human Body).” Broken Field Runner really hits it out of the park with their well-developed lyrics, which a lot of bands are lacking these days.

Don’t be expecting heavy riffs and breakdowns on Lay My Head Down, but moments of intense empathy and emotionally soaked vocals. Broken Field Runner keeps it clean with consistent guitar tones and reverb. The album ends with “Test Everything, Hold Onto What’s Good” and there is a lot of build up on this track. It works really well as a closing because it does wrap up the loose ends of the album, and when it finally ends, it just fades out into vast sound. The ending is musically satisfying, like closing a book. The album has accomplished what it was meant to do and doesn’t really leave you hanging. That is more of an element that you are going to find on indie rock and the sub genres.

Lay My Head Down is an easy listen that you can get caught up in. This is definitely an album that is meant to be listened to in one sitting to create the true experience of the music. In terms of “indie rock,” I don’t think that is as heavy as what is currently being released. I would classify it into the same rack of bands like Band of Horses, Buffalo Tom, bands that tend to create more calm atmospheres.

Star Rating: 8/10

Strongest Song: Palm Trees Wave

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