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Brzask - Self Titled

Band: Brzask

EP: Self Titled

Genre: Black Metal

Location: Poland

FFO: Second To Sun, Skeletonwitch, Ultar

Brzask is a new band in the scene. They are a black metal outfit inspired by local folklore of the Sudeten Mountains. When the EP begins, the atmospheric intro got me excited, and built anticipation. It sounds very nice and mysterious. Then the first actual song comes on, and instantly takes me out of it. These guys pulled a pet peeve of mine. And that’s when a band has a very nice, digital intro, then when the actual instrumental production comes into play, it doesn’t even compare in quality and sounds like two different albums. The production for the actual music here is not too good. But what holds back this self titled the most is the mix. I want to be able to appreciate the seemingly decent guitar and drum work, but I can’t because the mix is so off. The only thing I have time to take notice of is the vocals because those are the most forward, and cover up most clarity I can try to grasp.

With what I can pay attention to and follow along with, it’s not terrible. There’s some good instrumental work at the core of this, and even though the vocals aren’t my favorite at times, he does a decent job. The songs, although only 3 of them, flow into each other nicely from one to the other. The pacing is also good for songs that are 4-6 minutes long. It’s not the most creative or groundbreaking black metal I’ve heard, but it’s not bad either. It’s pretty average music that is heavily held back by production. It also wouldn’t hurt to work on the vocals a bit. The aggression in them is fine but the “bruteness” makes every word sound the same, and he may as well be barking inside of a muzzle. Lyrical themes build concepts around nature and spirituality. I would like to tell you I could enjoy a few more listens of this, but I just can’t because of the difficulty I have comprehending everything going on. It’s not fun listening to a mess no matter how talented the people behind it are.

What Brzask have here is a decent start on their journey. They have a solid vision for what they want to write about and how they want to perform it. I only hope in the LP, they get some professional production going, along with more vocal flexibility.

Rating: 6/10

Strongest Song: Brzask I

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6Th9CispA0iTAFuEnD8dX8?si=1wVbNJC0RWGE5EnClxVfVQ

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