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Bury Tomorrow - Cannibal

Band: Bury Tomorrow

Album: Cannibal

Genre: Metalcore

Label: Music For Nations

Location: Southampton, England

FFO: Bleed From Within, Parkway Drive, Our Hollow Our Home

Bury Tomorrow is on their 6th LP and still pushing hard. They’ve accumulated quite the audience since their first release, making them one of the most popular metalcore bands around right now. Their production has finally brought what fans deserve from such a loved band on this project. I say “finally” because there was always an annoying mix on the drum symbols to me with their previous work. And eventually you go back far enough to where they obviously just didn’t have solid production to begin with. So to me this is their first concrete production sound. Something this production does though that I’m not a fan of is it leaves certain riffs too tight. This then also makes breakdowns too stiff and leaves out almost all fullness. The production however isn’t the only thing I was in between on.

I’ll just go ahead and say this now, I found almost everything about ‘Cannibal’ to be middle of the road. Everything balances itself out with the things I disliked and the things I liked. Let’s get into what I mean by that. Instrumentally, there’s riffs I’m grooving to but others (including breakdowns) I automatically identify as unoriginal. Lyrically, there’s a good mixture of stuff I enjoyed and then other lines or verses I found a little too typical. Things I’ve just heard many times before. And interestingly enough, the vocals hit me the same. There’s times I very much enjoyed his voice, often in his deeper register, and other times I found it weak and uninteresting, which was often in his mid to higher register. The cleans though are very nice. No complaints there. The cleans are actually the highlight for me on the entire album. So you see what I mean by everything coming back to a good, but lackluster album for my ears. Outside of the sound, the structure was decently strong with songs that mixed things up so you wouldn’t know what’s next.

To be completely honest, the only thing that makes me want to come back to this album are those cleans. I actually enjoyed them more as the album went on too. But I don’t think I’ll have ‘Cannibal’ in any kind of rotation. This is more of a “every so often, I’ll play a few songs” type of album. And even though it’s their newest one with the strongest production, it fits right in there with the rest for me content wise. I just don’t feel strongly about this band.

To me, this was a pretty standard metalcore record but I’m willing to say it was certainly better than a good amount of other metalcore I’ve heard from younger bands or artists that may not be as strong in their sound.

Rating: 6/10

Strongest Song: Quake

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/4K15hOxya1ZF9lkWg9Dmja?si=clgO3hcIRZaHO81j5sNX3w

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/nz/album/cannibal/1492152981

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