Cannibal Corpse - Violence Unimagined

Band: Cannibal Corpse

Album: Violence Unimagined

Genre: Death Metal

Label: Metal Blade

Location: Buffalo, NY

FFO: Suffocation, Deicide, Six Feet Under

‘Violence Unimagined’ is the appropriately titled record featuring 11 brand new tracks from the legendary Death Metal act famously known as Cannibal Corpse, who truly needs no introduction at this point. Usually I would say we are lucky to keep getting music from such an established band, but they have proven this is not such a rare occasion as this is their 15th LP in 30 years since their debut. A milestone to say the least. Most bands don’t come close to 15 releases of anything across an entire career. Yet at this point, I expect to see another 5 full-lengths from these guys at this pace and quality. Speaking of quality, the production is what you would probably expect from CC at this point. It’s a very nice mix between those chainsaw guitars, wailing leads/solos, well balanced drums and bass, and those unmistakable vocals firing away just as fast as the instruments at times.

I’ve said this before and I’ll keep making it a point; a lot of bands this deep into their career have unfortunately fallen off or at the least, remained stagnant and uninspired within their sound. Then you have the few, that somehow keep absolutely crushing with creativity, passion, and talent. Cannibal Corpse is undoubtedly part of that group. I can’t stress enough how impressive 15 albums is when we continue to get music like what ‘Violence Unimagined’ offers. You can have 100 albums, but it doesn’t mean anything unless you're bringing something of quality to the table.

The album doesn’t show mercy. Of course you have the violent lyrics, but I’m speaking musically. I love the “slowed” down grooves that really are just normal but slow compared to everything else. However aside from that, from start to finish within a song, and ultimately the whole album, we are getting constantly beaten down by the speed and thickness of the music. It’s a wall of sound that is understandable yet devastating. I love the speedy standout basslines hidden here and there if you listen closely enough. I love the relentless drumming patterns and fills that feel like they get switched up every 10-30 seconds. As a guitar player of course I have to be obsessed with the strings the most as it stands out the most to me. This band is a prime example why you (as a musician) have no excuse to not be writing something good. CC has been active for over 30 years, and they are still pulling out fantastic guitar work within their riffs and solos. In my opinion, Rob coming back in ‘05 was one of the best things that could’ve happened to this band, and it still shows to this day.

The brutal vocals continue to impress me just as anything else. George remains fast, relatively clear and dynamic, and hungry beyond words can explain. It’s super impressive how he still has a very powerful and commanding voice after all these years of albums and touring. He must be doing something right.

Lyrically and theme wise, should come to no surprise, this is Cannibal Corpse we are talking about. They simply write the most vicious stories possible to match the intensity of the music. Even though the album is filled with creative riffs and fresh directions, some things never change.

Admittedly, I’m not the biggest fan of their earlier work. However, I can listen to all 15 records back to back and still find differences between each of them. I personally have loved everything since ‘Kill’ and can confidently say each record since manages to not only get better in certain regards, but do something different while still being who they are. In this genre they stay dedicated to, that’s hard to do.

Just as I’ve listened to those other records countless times, ‘Violence Unimagined’ will not be left out of constant rotation. It’s such an easy album to enjoy and jam out to. It’s simple enough to appreciate everything about it, while bringing something fresh to listen to that you haven’t heard from them before, with production quality that tops anything previously in my opinion.

‘Violence Unimagined’ proves Cannibal Corpse are just as strong as ever, and are nowhere close to throwing in the towel. Another skull crusher for the books that is well worth a listen over and over again. From start to finish this is an unstoppable beast.

Rating: 9/10

Strongest Song: Inhumane Harvest, Condemnation Contagion, Surround Kill Devour, Ritual Annihilation


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