Capital Enemy - Knowledge of The Wicked

Band : Capital Enemy

Album/EP : Knowledge of The Wicked

Genre: Metal/Deathcore

Label : 1054 Records

Location : Melbourne, Australia

FFO : Drowning, Traitors, Chimaira

The production on this record, especially for being their debut, is astounding. It’s crystal clear, and captures every single note. I was expecting something recorded in someone’s bedroom with some half ass mix. One song in, and I’m already sold. I believe the shining element here is how there is something for everyone. The do have the two step riffs and mosh parts. But they also have parts, like the vocals, that could cater to the deathcore crowd. They are definitely a good cross over band, for anyone looking to get into either side.

The song structures were pretty hardcore/deathcore. Like I said, lots of moshville riffs (shout out to Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed), but they bring some super gnarly break downs. The type that are guaranteed to get the listener moving and possibly punching someone. The lyrical intent is also something I wouldn’t expect. They are aiming to make music for the beaten down, the left behind, the forgotten. Once again, that is something I can totally back.

The replay value is definitely here. It’s something I’m totally going to throw into a gym playlist. My favorite part, is how they have captured elements from hardcore, and elements of death core. There’s nothing to compare it to just yet. But I already cant wait for their next release.

Overall, I enjoy the hell out of this record. It’s not your typical hardcore. On the flip side, its not really deathcore. It’s a record that will bridge fans of both genres. I will back this band until the day I die.

Star Rating: 10/10

Strongest Song: Deathchitect ( Featuring Mark Hunter)

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