Carnifloor - Engulfed in Gold

Band : Carnifloor

Album/EP : Engulfed In Gold

Genre: Brutal Death Metal/Slam

Label: Rotten Music

Location: Germany

FFO : Korpse, Epicardiectomy, Kraanium,

A lot of BDM (Brutal Death Metal) and Slam is pretty synonymous for having super gritty sound. Like sounds most of it sounds like it was recorded in Lar’s snare drum from St. Anger. Engulfed In Gold by Carnifloor is actually one of the crisper sounding records of the genre. The guitars are still super sludgy and dirty sounding. But what’s nice is you can still hear the different notes through out the record. The drums are pretty typical sounding though. THUNDEROUS double bass with some blast beats that sound like Lar’s snare (still better than St. Anger). As much as I LOVE the 808s that you can hear in the slams, they do make it super fuzzy and almost distorted.

The mix as I mentioned is pretty solid. You can hear just about everything in the record. I do wish either the vocals were mixed up half a notch, or the rest of the album was mixed down half a notch. Sometimes the vocals are so low, they get drowned out by the instruments.

The song structures seem to be pretty basic for Slam. I’m pretty positive there is no real structure. Each song has a slam of some sort. Sometimes even two or three. Despite no real structure, each song seems to flow at the pace you would expect. All 11 tracks are decently fast, at least until the slams hit. Once those hammers drop, its fucking earth shattering. I’m not to sure of a theme/narrative. But judging by the song titles (Entombed in The Hood, Hustler’s Wasteland), there is some sort of rap undertone.

Im a fan of Floor’s other band, Korpse. So once he hit me up about this, I had to check it out. I definitely listening to it a few times a week. I have-not listen to much BDM or Slam lately. But Carnifloor was an immediate auto-include. My favorite part is actually his incorporation of the rap/trap beats in a couple parts. You don’t hear it much in the genre. So it was weird at first, but it was done well enough that it was not bad. My only dislike is the mix part I mentioned earlier. Sometimes the vocals get drowned out by the instruments. Mostly after the slams though.

I can’t find the previous Carnifloor record “Process of Disorderly Conduct”, so I can’t compare it. Which sucks, because I really want to hear it now that I heard this beast.

Once I saw him follow us on Instagram, I was pretty stoked once I realized who he was. So knowing his musical capabilities, its pretty safe to say this record rules. He’s combined two genres in such a minuscule way, that I’m pretty impressed. Engulfed in Gold is slam packed (ha. Get it?) With brutal riffs and dropped hammers. Its definitely a record that deserves a spot in the library of any BDM/Slam fan.

Star Rating: 9.5/10

Strongest Song: Entombed In The Hood, OG Malefactor

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