Cerberon - Cerberon EP

Band: Cerberon

Album/EP: Cerberon EP

Genre: Blackened Death Metal

Label: Independent 

Location: Scotland

FFO: Venom/ Machine Head/ Pitch Shifter 

First things first, production is great! Everything is easily heard, which makes this an easy listen.The music itself is kind of like a toned down Behemoth. Not to fast and not to slow. And not as tuned down. But heavy enough to punch you in the teeth. The drums and bass compliment each other incredibly well through out the entire EP. They don't rely on the double bass like 90% of the bands in their genre tend to do. Nothing wrong with it, but it's a nice change if pace. But when they do use the double, I really enjoy it and it works well. The shining aspect of the entire EP? The guitars are incredible. Riffs that fit just right. Don't bust out any over the top solos and just keep chugging along. Personally, I absolutely loved the riff during the chorus of "Blood on the Mountain". Very catchy and a bit more melodic then rest of their material. A lot of air guitar potential in my opinion. But in all honesty, I really dug the guitars.

At times a tune down would have really grabbed my attention but in the end I am not complaining. Lastly, we come to the part that I always look forward to but in this case I am not to sure. I wasn't the biggest fan of the vocals. At times I couldn't understand or hear the vocals. I don't think it was the production as much as it was the actual vocals. He has chops and at times I can hear it. But his projection is lacking at times and it's a damn shame. But in the end, they fit in well with the music itself. It's a very sinister sound and times it is kind of creepy.

I am in no way writing Cerberon off. Everytime I have listened to the EP I found something I really liked. I still can't get over that riff. The only weak part of the entire EP would be the vocals in my opinion. But I am not letting that make me turn away. I look forward to listening to this a couple more times. If you like heavy then I highly suggest you listen to Cerberon. They play kind of heavy metal that becoming a lost art. That old school, kick ya in the nuts kind of stuff. So once again, I highly recommend. But it does take a couple listens. 

Rating: 8/10

Strongest song: Blood on the Mountain



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