Chaos Over Cosmos - Chaos Over Cosmos EP

Band : Chaos Over Cosmos

Album/EP : Chaos Over Cosmos

Genre: Symphonic Metal

Label : NA

Location : The Future

FFO : Fear Factory, Scar Symmetry, In Flames

The songs are arranged super well. Which is amazing considering these two dudes never met each other in person. That, to me, say something about their musicianship. All three tracks are written like they are from the future. The mix isn’t terrible either. I can only assume it was mixed by them selves. Which still is amazing to see. I can’t really find anything to complain about with these tracks. To me, its got a very Fear Factory/Scar Symmetry vibe, and I love those two bands. Not too man bands now a days write futuristic sounding material. So Chaos Over Cosmos is a nice breath of fresh air. I feel like if they ever actually tour, they will fit right in with todays symphonic metal scene. No doubt. 

The songs flow like typical metal songs. I can tell there are choruses and verses. Of course there’s the obligatory guitar/synth solos. But overall they are written at a very manageable speed. Its kind of easy on the ears that way. The lyrical content, once again, like most metal. Its the chaos and destruction of the world. But not just the world, the universe. Its like someone wants to tear down and destroy the universe ( I’m looking at you Thanos). Except these guys want to destroy it, and rebuild it. Which is a very different take on what you normally hear.

I definitely need to pay more attention to these guys. They have something that has the potential to be great. So even though this EP has 3 tracks ill definitely be listening more. My favorite part is definitely the balance between the low and high vocals. Scar Symmetry is a fantastic example of this. The only thing I noticed is at some points it feels as if the high vocals are a little forced. But as long as he practices more, I guarantee they will be nailed down. 

Id love to point out, that the style these guys chose to write, is definitely a combination of sorts. You have the usual metal riffs. Layer that with symphonic overtones. Add a little bit of deathcore in the low vocals. Then just a dash of technicality. Its not something bands do much any more. I’ve said Scar Symmetry before, but I feel like Chaos Over Cosmos is like a little love baby between Fear Factory and Scar Symmetry. That is something that I think will take this band far, if they keep going.

Overall, im pretty impressed. Chaos Over Cosmos is a blend of different styles of metal, and is a bit refreshing. They have some catchy head banging riffs layered with thundering drums. If you are a fan of futuristic based Metal, Chaos Over Cosmos is definitely the band for you.

Star Rating: 9/10

Strongest Song: Cascading Darkness

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