Chelsea Grin - Eternal Nightmare

Band : Chelsea Grin

Album/EP : Eternal Nightmare

Genre: Deathcore

Label : Rise Records

Location : Salt Lake City, Utah

FFO : Whitechapel, Lorna Shore,  Emmure

Since their self titled debut EP in mid 2008, Chelsea Grin has gone through a couple sound changes. What started out as a very in your face deathcore band, they kept some deathcore style instrumentals and sprinkled in some clean vocals over their past three releases. A couple months ago, now former vocalist Alex Koehler stepped down to go through a bit of rehab (which I totally understand). Founding vocalist of Lorna Shore stepped up (and down from LS) to take Alex’s spot. In doing so, helped give the band a new push, and puts their name back on the map.

The production of this record is pretty sweet. Everything is mixed well, nothing to loud/to quiet. There is a very fair amount of synth/ambience behind a most of the record, but it isn’t overdone. It’s done very tastefully, I might add. I feel like the shining element is how Tom’s vocals blend right in. You can tell it’s a slightly different style. I also feel like you can still tell it’s Tom.

I feel like the song structures are all very simple. There is nothing too flashy about the record. Its almost like its one giant breakdown. I’m totally okay with that, but I do wish there was a little variety. All the songs do flow pretty well. They don’t intertwine like it’s a never ending track.

The overall theme, I feel, is pretty obvious. It’s just once giant eternal nightmare. There are some tracks that talk about death and destruction. Then there are also tracks that talk about personal demons and fighting them. Do I think this record has some replay value? Let’s put it this way, since it was released on July 13th 2018, it has been played in full at least once a day.

My favorite part of ‘Eternal Nightmare’ is the way the first track ‘Dead Rose’ starts. It starts out with what sounds like some chains and random door creaks. Then the music just kicks in, into one heavy breakdown intro. It’s easily one that is sure to get the crowd started. The only part of the record I don’t like is the way the second track ‘The Wolf’ ends. I feel like it gets cut off way to soon. Like they could have added a small guitar solo, or some ambient instrumental for like thirty seconds. Does that really take away from the album? No, not at all. But I do feel like they could have added just a pinch more to that track.

Compared to their last record (Ashes to Ashes), I believe this is the lineup Chelsea Grin needed. I couldn’t get into their last release right away, going back to it, its good. But I believe ‘Eternal Nightmare’ is way better. I feel like the tones of the instruments are much clearer. I feel like the songs are more structured. Pablo’s drumming has gotten more intense, and so have his vocals. Tom definitely brought his skills to the band, and you can tell.

Overall, I love this record. It is one giant banger. It’s a record that old fans will find enjoyable. But it will also reignite the fan that gave up on the band. It sure did for me, and I cant wait to see how they will turn up in the next couple years. I do hope Alex gets better, and takes care of himself.

Star Rating: 9.5/10

Strongest Song: Dead Rose, Across the Earth, Nobody Listened



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