Cognitive - Matricide

Band: Cognitive

Album/EP: Matricide

Genre: Death Metal

Label: Unique Leader Records         

Location: New Jersey

FFO: The Kennedy Veil, Deformatory, Logic Of Denial

The production on this record isn’t too bad. You can still hear every note being played. Even under the nasty vocals. I feel that their shining element is definitely how they can still be a technical death metal band. But their songs are done in such a way, that they don’t sound like every tech death band. The mix could be just a hair better. I feel that at parts of the album, the vocals drown out some of the drums.

The song structures are erratic. But for a tech death band, there isn’t much of a structure. They use their technical guitars and thunderous drums to convey the story. Despite being very erratic, the songs all flowed very well. They did not let up on the blistering speed. I’m not sure what the theme is, if there is even one. But judging by the album cover and some song titles, probably something with the inevitable coming darkness and death.

If you’re a fan of technical metal, there is a ton of reply value here. I go through my moods of what I’m into. But this record does have my interest. I can’t tell what the lyrics are, for the most part. But it all sounds good together anyway. My favorite part is how versatile the vocalist is. He has some gnarly gutturals, super shrieking highs, and some general mid-range. My least favorite part is probably what I said earlier. I feel that at some points the vocals can wash out or over power the rest of the band. Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t always happen. Compared to their last record (Deformity), they have definitely stepped it up a bit. You can tell they grew in their playing. The production is much better. The fact they made such an improvement already, makes me wonder what their future holds.

Overall, it’s a pretty solid effort. It has lots of tech aspects to it. But also keeps it low and evil for the more traditional death metal fans. I’ve never really heard these guys up until earlier this year. With this release, they definitely have me keeping an eye on them.

Star Rating: 9/10

Strongest Song: Omnicide



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