Consecration - Fragilium

Band : Consecration

Album/EP : Fragilium

Genre: Doom

Label : N/A

Location : Norwich, England

FFO : Yatra, Emperor, Black Sabbath

The production on Fragilium is exactly what you would expect for a doom record. Its slow, gritty and loud. But this record takes the speed up a half notch. Usually Doom metal is so low, and creates almost a vision of evil in the listeners mind. But Consecration break traditional Doom molds by speeding it up just a hair. It becomes almost like a down tuned hard rock album. Better yet, it reminds me of Early Black Sabbath. I feel what makes them shine, is how they write as a band. You can tell they stick close to doom metal, but definitely aren’t afraid to do what ever they want. The mix is also typical for Doom metal. The guitars and vocals kind of over power everything. Some of the drum fills get lost in the mix. But, for some reason, it works for this band,

There aren’t really any song structures. No specific chorus or verse, at least from what I can hear. If you know this band, or th genre at all, then you know that these tracks flow like molasses. Slow, but will stick with you forever. When you think of doom metal, what do you expect? Death? Despair? Evil? Thats exactly what I imagine this record has to be about.

Im not entirely huge into doom metal, as I am partial to gutturals and neck breaking breakdowns. But Consecration is one Doom band that I find entrancing. I put this record on at work as background noise. Its absolutely beautiful. No matter what this band puts out, will always be in my rotation. My favorite part is definitely how they seem to expand on their already distorted sound. By picking the speed up just a touch, but also slowing the slow parts by a hair. 

Overall, Consecration is becoming one of my favorites. Fragilium is a been of something truly evil, and beautifully captivating, at the same time. By adding a little bit of speed to short parts of their music, it adds a whole new aspect to their already entrancing music. If you’re a fan of doom metal, this record demands a slot in your library.

Star Rating: 10/10

Strongest Song: An Elegy for The Departed

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