Continuum - Designed Obsolescence

Band- Continuum

Album- Designed Obsolescence

Genre- Technical Death Metal

Label- Unique Leader

Location- Santa Cruz, CA

FFO- The Black Dahlia Murder, Job For A Cowboy, Allegaeon

It is clear that this album is produced well and it shows with 9 headbanging, uber violent songs that make you want to break stuff. The drums sound incredible. The newest member, Ron Casey, formerly of Rings of Saturn lays down some mean beats. Blast beats that don’t miss step and pound through the entire album. Well timed double bass is present as well. I was quite impressed with how he was able to keep the heaviness throughout the whole album. Combining an old death metal sound with a more modern sound. Guitars are played by Chase Fraser and Ivan Munguia. At times it sounds like your typical death metal, chugging riffs and quick little solos.

Solos that made me wanting more to be honest. At times I heard a little metalcore in their riffs as well. The bass is well there. Doesn’t really stand out but it does help drive this album along. Vocalist Riley McShanes lows are overly present through each and every song. Able to maintain a sinister sound with every breath he takes. Throwing in some screams every once and a while that really make your hair stand up. Quiet but still present.

Minus a from few solos here and there, there wasn’t much to set each song apart from each other. It felt like one long song. I won’t say the lack of screams would have made this album a little bit better but it would have helped in my opinion. The title track “Designed

Obsolescence” throws in some very weird but fitting instrumentals that catch the listener by surprise. “Autonomic” has some of the albums best screams on the record.

Overall each song has this over the top fast, heavy sound that any real death fan will absolutely love.

Is this a good metal album? Hell yeah it is. Heavy and mean. Death metal fans will adore this release. Non death metal fans will appreciate this but I don’t think it’s for everyone. It is very good. Each member brings something to the table and it’s easy to hear. This is a band to be on the look out for. They are gonna give a lot of death bands a run for their money. Pick this album up on February 22nd, but only if your neck is ready.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Strongest Song: Designed Obsolescence

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