Corps fleur - Corps Fleur

Band : Corps Fleur

Album/EP : Corps Fleur

Genre: Post Black Metal

Label : NA

Location : Uk

FFO : Fallujah, Rivers of Nihil, Watain

When I was told this was Post-Black Metal, I won’t lie, I had very little expectations. I’m not the biggest fan of black metal. Especially because a lot of it tends to sound like it was recorded in a tin can. Corps Fleur embraces what I would describe as the traditional Black Metal sound, and adds a bit of theatrical ambience. The production is right along the lines of most black metal. The vocals are high shrieks. Which are accompanied by blast beats and loud riffs. I personally feel like the vocals are way to quiet. I can’t always hear them. Now that might be because I’m playing it over my laptop speakers. So kids, wear headphones for better quality.

What sticks out to me, is how they blend the typical Black Metal sound, and the atmospheric ambience. If the ambience wasn’t in the record, I honestly would probably hate it. So I think its a fantastic touch. The mix isn’t terrible, but to me could be better. The guitars are probably the loudest mix in the record. At points the drums seem to fade into everything else. For a black metal fan, I’m sure this mix is good. But it makes it really hard for me to stay focused.

The songs don’t have a structure. But they were a perfect balance of intense riffage and a calm atmosphere. That is definitely what keeps me on track. Not saying that the drums or guitars are bad. But the ambience definitely helps the overall tone of the record. The narrative is definitely something interesting to me.

“Corps Fleur have created this to purposefully to start happy and slowly descend the listener into a bleak, numbness track by track, touching on the vocalist’s personal struggles with depression, mental illness and suicide attempts”

There needs to be more music about mental health. So even though this record really isn’t for me personally, I will still support a band that tastefully makes people aware of mental health. The lyrics seem to be more of a story of sorts. Like either you or a character, are on this journey and your mind slowly rots. That type of story. I’m a sucker for stories like that.

Seeing as this is their debut ep, I have nothing to compare it too. What I found interesting is that Luke from our boys in Vulvodynia is in this band. So its cool to see someone from the Slam/Brutal Death Metal venture out and experiment. I personally might not play this again. It just doesn’t vibe with me. Its not against the musicians in the band. I will keep an eye on the band though.

As I mentioned, there is a Mental Health theme in this EP. Once you read the lyrics the whole album tends to make sense. you can hear the pain the vocalist has been through. you can feel the anger/sadness pouring from his heart. The atmosphere layered in only makes the whole album click in the listeners ears.

So overall, the debut ep from Corps Fleur is pretty much what you would expect from a black metal band, but with a beautiful twist. It still has the high screams over the loud guitar chords. The blast beats constantly pound your ears. I think this record has potential. But I do also realize it was made this way for a reason. It has a theme behind it. So if you go into a record with an idea in mind, you should write around it. That is exactly what Corps Fleur did.

Star Rating: 8.5/10

Strongest Song: Sea of Trees

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