Corpsefucking Art - Splatterphobia

Band: Corpsefucking Art

Album/EP: Splatterphobia

Genre: Death Metal

Label: Comatose Music

Location: Italy

FFO: Putrid Pile, Exhumed, Amputated

The production on “Splatterphobia” is pretty good. Every little aspect of each instrument was captured beautifully. The mix on the other hand, in my opinion, could be a little better. I feel the vocals get drowned out a tiny bit by the drums. You can still hear them, but I feel the vocals could have been mixed just a tad higher. A shining element for them, is how simple but heavy the guitars are.

The song structures are pretty simple. No real chorus or anything. But straight to the point fast riffs and beats. The theme of this record, is more than likely gore, and lots of it. That’s a pretty common theme amongst death metal.

There is some replay value here. While its not my favorite record ive reviewed, its not horrible. Im definitely going to give it a few more spins and maybe itll grow on me. My favorite part is the simple yet heavy riffs. They don’t seem to be too flashy, which is always nice. My least favorite part is definitely how the vocals were mixed. Like I said before, they should be just a tiny bit higher.

Overall, it’s a decent record. It has a classic death metal tone, while keeping it simple. If you are a fan of easy but heavy riffs, this record is definitely for you.


Star Rating: 8/10

Strongest Song: Devoured by the sauce


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