Cronaxia - Collapsing The Outer Structure

Band : Cronaxia

Album/EP : Collapsing The Outer Structure

Genre: Technical Death Metal

Label : Lustianian Music

Location : Lisboa, Portugal

FFO : Origin, Kataklysm, Deeds of Flesh

This album took me a couple listens to, to get an interest. At first I was turned off by the production. It seemed a little lackluster. But as I listened more, I realized that its not the production. Their sound, resembles old school Technical Death Metal. I have a deep respect for that sound. Because it helped shaped the way of metal as we know it. So after a couple listens, I realized the production was not terrible. Could it have been better? Of course, but only to add something better to it. The shining element here, is how they sound like a classic tech death band. They have fast complex riffs, and thunderous drums. The vocals are super sick gutterals. I do wish the kick drums were mixed just a tad higher. You can hear them a little, but I feel like between the vocals and the guitar, the kick kind of gets washed out.

The song structures definitely resemble classic Tech Death. They are blisteringly fast. It’s a little indistinguishable where the different parts of the song begin (ie verse chorus). I imagine the narrative/theme of the record had something to do with futuristic tech. Like using some sort of robotic technology to bring down the government. I’m probably completely wrong, but that’s definitely the vibe I get from this record. My favorite part of this record, is probably the complex guitars. They are fast but they seem to be played super tight and clean. My least favorite part might be the mix of the drums. Like I said before, you can hear them, but I personally would love to hear them a tiny bit louder.

Over all, its not a terrible record. If you are a fan of death metal, or even just want something that sounds old school, this album is for you. It has savage gutturals, and blazing guitars. It’s definitely a headband worthy album. I would probably not change the song if it came on shuffle.

Star Rating: 8.5/10

Strongest Song: Collapsing The Outer Structure

The album is available here:

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