Crows Over Brávellir - Spells of the Dead/ Into Kingly Death

Band:  Crows Over Brávellir

Album/EP: Spells of the Dead/ Into Kingly Death

Genre: Blackened Doom Metal

Label: Dawnbreed Records

Location: Sweden

FFO: Primordial, Celtic Frost, Edge Of Sanity

The overall production was done quite well. Both songs sounded clean and I was able to hear every aspect from guitar to drums to bass. Lets make this clear, this is a band of musicians. Not 4 guys making sounds come from their instruments. Both songs bring this sort of "holy hell" there is some good music here. The biggest thing that caught my attention? There was not real song structure. It wasn't your typical rinse dry and repeat song structure. Kind of like proggy doom black metal hybrid. Music style wasn't necessarily Prog but the way they layered out both songs keeps ya guessing.

To me personally the guitar was the shining part of both songs. They kept the doom aspect throughout and kept the mood down, like a good doom metal band should do. Drums were all over the place. Not in a bad way but in a, it's hard to air drum to this way. The vocals left a bit to be desired. They didn't really fit in with the music and there really wasn't enough. A slightly lower approach would have worked better, in my opinion of course. The bass keeps the doom feel going, similar to how the guitars do. 

I was able to keep my mind in a very relaxed doom state until probaly 2/3 of the way through "Into Kingly Death" where all stops and a very punky drum beat starts up. I started to lose the feel until that doom guitar sound I mentioned earlier kicks in. Followed by some gang vocals that got me all worked up and ready to punch the air. So I guess you can say my favorite part of the EP came from my least favorite. 

I can see myself playing this again on my way to work as I sit in traffic. It is able to get your head into a different state and you're able to relax. The one thing this EP has made me done is make me desperate to hear more of their material. I highly recommend this band to anyone who likes a good doom journey. Keep an eye out for these guys.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Strongest song: Into Kingly Death

By Joe Sigfred

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