Cyclone Static - From Scratch

Band: Cyclone Static

Album: From Scratch

Label: Mint 400 records

Genre: Melodic Punk, Skater Rock

Location: New Jersey

FFO: The Offspring, Everclear, Puddle of Mudd

This is probaly the first actual punk record I can sit down and hear every little aspect of. It has this very smooth sound and nothing seems out of place. It just drives along and doesn't want to stop. The drumming pounds along and keeps your head bobbing. Unlike a lot of punk that heavily relies on very heavy, fast paced up tempo drumming; Jonathon LaVine plays it very simply. Yes it is up tempo but not to the point where it's exhausting to listen to.  Doesn't feel repetitive by any means. Think Red Hot Chili Peppers simpleness but more punk. The Bass is hands down the back bone of this band. Danny Patieno grooves along throughout the whole record and keeps it bumping. Can hear pretty clearly without really looking for it. Personally I feel like a lot of bass gets lost with punk but that isn't the case here. Guitars are simple chords but again it works perfectly with the rest of the music. Along with the bass, the guitar fits well and makes that "lets roll" sound throughout the album. A very raspy James Salerno fronts the band. He is able to deliver a lost sound that the made 90's alternative so big back in the day. Loud and clear with one hell of a rasp. 

This 38 minute album brings some real bangers. Hell the opening track "Walk This Line" transports you back in time right off the bat. Back to that skater rock sound made popular back in the 80's. Then keeps plugging away with the title track "From Scratch" and Runaway. The album does not stop. Each song stays true to that sound I keep referencing to. Only real downside I can see is that each song kind of matches the previous. Not much to really make one song stand out. Until you get to "To Many Roads" which keeps that up tempo sound but tones it down ever so slightly. 

This is not a mosh album. This is a driving with the windows down album. It's simpleness makes it probably the best thing you can put on  when your're headed out on a long drive. Cyclone Static were able to take 30 years of rock and punk and mold it into a brand new sound that old school skaters have been looking for. With February 8th release date, do not miss out on this album. Take a break from the same old song and dance on the radio and crank up some good ole fashion skater rock. 

Rating: 8.8 out of 10

Strongest Song: To Many Roads

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