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Cytotoxin - Nuklearth

Band: Cytotoxin

Album: Nuklearth

Genre: Brutal Death Metal

Label: Unique Leader

Location: Germany

FFO: Beneath The Massacre, Cognitive, Disentomb

Cytotoxin has been ruthlessly touring and releasing music since the day they began in 2010. Inspired by the Chernobyl disaster, they may take time on their conceptual music, but they almost never take a break. ’Nuklearth’ is the 4th studio album and the 3rd on Unique Leader from these guys. As expected, their production keeps getting better and better and the years go on. With the “brutal” or “extreme” aspect to their Death Metal sound, they need a clearer mix in order to fully enjoy everything going on, they accomplish that here.

Out of the gates is a barrage of drumming and riffs. As usual, fast and heavy. It only took this 1 song for me to realize how well paced they make their songs. Almost like the speed of the music speeds up the length of the song in a weird way. Other bands tend to give the opposite effect of faster = more sound packed into a 3 minute song which in turn makes you think it should’ve been over 2 minutes ago. Not in this case. They are able to pummel you with blast beats and intricate riffs for 4 minutes without over staying the songs welcome. To expand a little more on the guitar work, it’s very impressive for the most part. The rhythm keeps up with the drums in aggressive fashion, while the lead busts out these crazy mini solos/melodies. As for the drums, I can’t say anything stands out specifically, regardless, very fast and talented playing. The vocals have 2 modes: Low, and lower. They keep up with the speed of everything and have a highlighted spot of their own on these tracks. Even though his voice is 1 tone for the most part, it fits in with the music very well. Lyrically these vocals cover what you’re pretty used to from Cytotoxin by now, from what I can tell. War, disaster, ex.

If there’s 1 main issue I have with this album, it’s songs can start blending in together. Which is a problem I find with a good amount of “brutal” or “extreme” death metal. Everything I said previously about pacing and such is true, but songs that start to relate to each other too much can blend in and almost create a longer song out of 2 or 3 different ones. It truly is that lead guitar I love that keeps things unique between tracks, but unfortunately they don’t utilize it enough to make me differ from certain tracks. This makes it hard for me to say I can just keep throwing this album on. It definitely deserves more than a few listens, but not as often as I may have been hoping for. Looking back on their past music, they have a much more full, forward sound on ‘Nuklearth’. However there’s not much difference when it comes down to the music itself. Writing is pretty similar across the board. So if you were a fan prior to this album, I can guarantee you’ll enjoy this, as long as you don’t get tired of the same sound.

Despite some difficulty with song distinction, this thing is heavy, fast, and a very nice listen. It’s nothing too fancy or mind blowing, but hits the right marks to the point of being their best work yet in my opinion. Unique Leader always knows how to pick the right talent. A very solid and well rounded release from Cytotoxin.

Rating: 8/10

Strongest Song: Uran Breath

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4CIwd3LXEtN3xLe7PwWMNF?si=VElPeSWyQ1mo6ur3SgRqMA

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/il/artist/cytotoxin/567573004

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