D.V.J Music - Ground Zero: Outbreak

Band : D.V.J Music

Album/EP : Ground Zero - Outbreak

Genre: Instrumental Deathcore/Djent

Label : N/A

Location : Brownsville, Texas

FFO : Boris The Blade, Signal The Firing Squad, Signs of Omnicide

The homie Danny from Signs of Omnicide hit me up with some of his solo work. Being a fan of that band, I was very keen to hear what he’s been cooking up.

The production is fantastic, especially for being entirely self done. Every aspect of the project sounds super clean. I believe the shining element, is how he can make you feel certain emotions, especially with out lyrics. The mix was pretty well done as well.

The songs are super groove filled, mixed with a massive breakdown. The grooves flow super well. No track is just him noodling around on a guitar or anything like that. The album, as a whole, is supposed to feel like post-nuclear apocalypse. Almost like death and suspense of what is happening next. He definitely achieved that, very well.

As I mentioned before, this is purely an instrumental release. So there are obviously no lyrics to it. I do wonder what it would sound like if there were lyrics. My favorite part is just how insanely heavy it is. There really is no least favorite part of this. An instrumental record like this is a nice change of pace.

Overall, it’s a solid effort. For anyone who remembers how fantastic Signal The Firing Squad was, this is definitely an album for you.

Star Rating: 10/10

Strongest Song: Genocide

Album is only available here for right now:

YouTube: https://youtu.be/SByBN7Sfh0M

Follow him here: https://m.facebook.com/dvjmusic00/

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