De Profundis - The Blinding Light Of Faith

Band : De Profundis

Album/EP : The Blinding Light Of Faith

Genre: Death Metal

Label : Lusitanian Music

Location : London, UK

FFO : Death, Morbid Angel, Athiest

I’m not really sure how to start this one, so I guess we’l just get right into it. The mix isn’t to terrible. Either the vocals are just super low on their own, or that’s just the way it was mixed. I feel at points they get drowned out by the guitars. It doesn’t happen often. A shining element to me, is how they can be pretty technical, but still sound super raw and primal.

The song structures aren’t to flashy. They don’t follow any specific pattern. But they also just just durdle around on their respective instruments. I cant understand the lyrics. But judging by all the track titles, I feel like the records theme has to do with opposing any religion. I’m sure they throw in how hypocritical religion can be.

This record definitely has taken a couple listens to fully appreciate it. It’s not terrible by any means. But there is something I cant place my finger on. Will I replay it? I most definitely will. Not every album goes perfectly the first few listens. Sometimes they take time to fully understand and respect it. Compared to their last release “Kingdom of The Blind”, I feel like they definitely got better. The vocals are mixed better In this record. The instruments aren’t just playing fast, they do have a tiny bit more structure.

Overall, it’s a solid record. The drums and guitars compliment each other very well. You can tell the vocals have some power behind them. I’d love to see them around the states. Sometimes a live performance can completely change your opinion of the band. I’m positive if I saw them, I’d fall in love. I would recommend this to anyone who’s just a fan of death metal with tech aspects to it.

Star Rating: 9/10

Strongest Song: Obsidian Spires



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