Dead Hour Noise - Sleeping Dogs

Band : Dead Hour Noise

Album/EP : Sleeping Dogs

Genre: Mathcore

Label : Silver Maple Kill Records

Location : Lansing, Michigan

FFO : Napalm Death, The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Number Twelve Looks Like You

At first listen it sounds like pure noise. I mean, to the outside ear who knows nothing about the genre, yeah it kind of is. But to the rest of us, its super constructed chaos. The production quality might not sound great, but that is something “mathcore” is kind of known for. Gritty sounding guitars and super loud drums. Screaming vocals top off this chaotic genre. What I feel shines the most, is they do have the ability to slow it down into a super heavy mosh riff. I love me some mosh riffs. I feel if you can normally play technical, but have the ability to slow it down when necessary, that shows musicianship. The mix was great. Despite the grittiness of the tones, you can hear everything clearly. It all blends together and kind of makes sense. 

Now Mathcore tends to be fast and in your face. These tracks are nothing short of that. They range from just over a minute long, to a surprising 7 minutes and 34 seconds. Each track has a different feel to it, and seems to encompass a different genre. I’m not to sure what a theme could be. But when I do actually hear a lyrics, it sounds kind of emotional. Not in a black my eyes emo, just angry and sad.

When it comes to replay value, I can usually tell right of the bat. I’m not really a fan of this genre. Its a little all over the place for me. I like structured songs, for the most part. But there is something about this record that has me listening more. Maybe its the heavy mosh parts. It could also be the high energy that you can feel when listening to Sleeping Dogs. Either way, I will definitely be paying more attention to this band.

There are a few audible differences compared to their last record “Bad Things Are Going To Happen To Good People”. The most noticeable is the mix. Bad Things just sounds more like a DIY hardcore/punk record. You can’t always hear the drums. The guitar solos tend to over power the mix a little. Where as in Sleeping Dogs, I feel they nailed the mix. It really captures the intensity the band brings. I feel that Sleeping dogs has a tiny bit more structure. Its definitely a step in the right direction for the band.

Overall, im pretty impressed. I love hearing a record in a genre I’m not a fan of, and make me feel differently. This album will melt your fucking face off. If the raw and utter intensity doesn’t do it, the insanely low and slow mosh will break your face. If this is the bands official debut, their future is looking bright. I can’t wait.

Star Rating: 9/10

Strongest Song: Audience Joins Murder

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