Deathchant - Deathchant

Band: Deathchant

Album: Deathchant

Genre: Stoner Metal/Psychedelic Rock

Label: King Volume Records

Location: Los Angeles

FFO: High On Fire, The Sword, Clutch

So basically, this is the soundtrack to one hell of an acid trip. Recorded in a secluded cabin in Big Bear, Californina; Deathchant use a a very creative mix of stoner metal and proto rock with a hint of noise rock to make this 7 song album. Don't let the fact that this album was recorded in a cabin make you think less of it. The production is outstanding and everything comes in clear. Just listening to this album, you can tell the 4 members put their heart and soul into it. The drumming is a lot of fun to listen to. From the stoner drum patterns to the southern rock swing, the drums will grab your attention and keep it. Bass is heavy and keeps the band jugging along, Nothing to shiny but it is effective.

The part that will make you remember this band is the guitars. I found the different mix of genres to be a breath of fresh air. It kept me guessing throughout. Was I going to get a juggy stoner sound or this stupidly catchy southern rock-esq riff? Who knows. The vocals left a lot to be desired. There was not much to begin with and in a way it worked in their favor. When their was some it was this very echoed, distant shout. Very fuzzy and hard to understand. It fit the style of music but it wasn't necessary. To be honest, I would have been ok with no vocals. 

From the very start, "Pessimist" sucks you in with this very groovy stoner sound. And just when you think you have a feel for the sound they hit with this very creative noise rock  burst of sound that takes you by surprise. And they use that same sound throughout the album. Sliding it in and out without warning. Songs like "Ritual" and "Breathe"  start with  very upbeat catchy guitar riffs that get your head moving. But it's the opening riff from "Hex" that sold me on this band. It made my head bob back and forth from the get go. Had this very upbeat chuggy southern rock sound that caught me by surprise. At times the band is able to tone it down and embrace that stoner metal sound with songs like "Eulogy" and "Trigger". Each song sounds like one hell of a jam session. And it felt like they could just keep going. The lack of vocals was a bit of a disappointment but because the music was so incredible I was not to upset. 

Overall I really enjoyed this album and I looked forward to the second play through. The third will probably be my favorite. The sound may not be for everyone but I would say give them a chance. It is a fun listen. Deathchant has this "lets groove and move our bodies" sound about them. This would be a good album to throw on for a road trip. 

Rating: 8.5/10

 Strongest song: Hex By Joe Sigfred

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