Decayer - The Agony Cycle

Band : Decayer

Album/EP : The Agony Cycle

Genre: Deathcore

Label : We Are Triumphant

Location : Tucson, Arizona

FFO : Fit For An Autopsy, Harms Way, Stick To Your Guns

Walking into this release, I’ve never heard of Decayer. After hearing ‘The Agony Scene’, I wish I would have known of them sooner. They are a 5 piece Deathcore band who are crushign their local scene in Tucson.

The production is very raw sounding, but that definitely adds to the intensity. I feel like their shining element, is how they aren’t trying to be over the top like a lot of bands in the genre. It’s pretty basic deathcore and I enjoy that. The mix though, I feel, is pretty good. It’s raw, gritty, and doesn’t take away from the messages some of the songs are trying to portray.

The song structure is not always the easiest to pinpoint. Once a song starts it does flow, but sometimes its hard to tell when its chorus time. I do enjoy, in the song “Bastard” its kind of fast paced but also a little ambient. Then they just kick you in the teeth with a verse.

There wasn’t a constant theme through out. Each song had a life of its own. From what I heard, it’s a very personal record for their vocalist Harrison Burkardt. ’16 Roses’ deals with losing a family member.’Monocratic’ has to do with life I he military and living in the system. Like I said, very personal for Harrison. The lyrics definitely add to the overall heaviness of the record.

My favorite part, is right when I think “man this song could use some low vocals”, BAM, breakdown. I am totally okay with this. My least favorite, might have to be the way a song is arranged. I would love to see and easier to follow song, but not straying away from a brutal beat down type song. It does seem that they have improved in their playing since their debut EP. Which I am glad to see. I only hope that they continue to tighten their skills, and keep crushing their scene. These guys deserve a big chance.

Overall, I enjoyed ‘The Agony Cycle’ by Decayer. It’s nice to hear something so basic once in a while. I feel that a lot of bands now a days try to “go big or go home”. I can tell these guys wont do that. They write heavy personal music, and that’s how its gonna stay.

Star Rating: 8.5/10

Strongest Song: 16 Roses, Bastard



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