Decoy - Permanent Failure/False Sense of Morality

Band : Decoy

Album/EP : Permanent Failure/False Sense of Morality (singles)

Genre: Hardcore

Label : N/A

Location : Baton Rouge, Louisiana 

FFO : Kublai Khan, Terror, The Last Ten Seconds of Life

The production on these tracks is killer. Might be some of the clearest sounding hardcore ive ever heard. I feel like each track has its own identity. To me, Permanent Failure has more of a typical in your face vide of hardcore. As False Sense of Morality has more of a groove to it. The shining element is. easy, maturity. I feel like these two tracks show that they have definitely grown since their last release (Self Sustained Through Solitude). The mix is great. Everything is at a perfect lever. No single instrument drowns out any other, same with the vocals. It all is mixed perfectly.

I personally couldn’t find much of a structure. What I can tell you is there are break downs. But the intensity of those breakdowns, well, they speak for themselves. Both tracks flow very easy. There is nothing erratic, they have riffs and beats that most hardcore fans will recognize. I also couldn’t find any themes. But its angry, so I can tell its something very personal. 

Ill definitely be checking these tracks out more. They are angry, heavy and fast. That is all I need really. My favorite part is their groove. They still have typical hardcore riffs and mosh parts. But they somehow incorporated some groove behind it. To me, thats something that I can get behind. Compared to their last record (Self Sustained Through Solitude), and as I stated before, they have definitely grown. You can tell they playing has tightened up a bit. The vocals stayed about the same. They are still intense and make me feel like I’m listening to Bury Your Dead.

Overall, they are getting better. To me, thats all a musician should strive for, to improve their playing. They are definitely growing and if they keep this path, they will be playing the big hardcore festivals soon enough. Keep an eye out for these guys. Pure anger.

Star Rating: 10/10

Strongest Song: Permanent Failure

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