Decoy - Self Sustained Through Solitude

Band : Decoy

Album/EP : Self Sustained Through Solitude

Genre: Hardcore/Metalcore

Label : N/A

Location : Baton Rouge, Louisiana

FFO : Bury Your Dead, Kublai Khan, Terror

The production isn’t terrible. It resembles an older hardcore/metal core record. They are a newer band, so you cant expect their first album to be pristine and clear. Their shining element is definitely how they combine all different aspects of metal. They got the metalcore “alarm clock riffs” as Jamey Jasta would call it. They also have some super heavy Two-Step beats. They don’t stick to one particular genre. The mix is super good, despite the production. No one part out shines any other. You can hear every aspect of each member.

The song structures resemble a lot of hardcore. They have some fast mosh sections, some mid tempo two step, and then super heavy breakdowns. They all flowed pretty well. One thing I cant stand too much is when bands have sudden tempo changes. Like they go from super fast thrash, right into a low and slow break down. I’m glad they didn’t do that here. Even though they do slow it down at times, they ease into it. There isn’t one absolute theme on the record. They do touch on topics from child abuse, religion, and problems within the hardcore scene itself.

There is some replay value here. They remind me of older Bury Your Dead or Kublai Khan in general. My favorite part, is probably how they don’t stick to one particular genre. They have the hardcore sound, yes. But they do have some faster almost thrasher parts. The only thing I wish/hope to hear on their next record, is pronunciation. Even with some of today bands and how super low the vocals get, I personally love when a vocalist tries to make sure the listener can hear them. You can hear him at certain parts yes, I’d love to hear a wee bit more.

Overall, I back this band. They remind me of the heavy hardcore that I do enjoy. I can tell these guys play with heart and soul. Which is something I will always respect. If you love heavy metalcore, Decoy is definitely a band for you.

Star Rating: 9/10

Strongest Song: By The Throat

Pick up ‘Self Sustained Through Solitude’ here:




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