Defleshed and Gutted - Hibernaculum of Decay

Band : Defleshed and Gutted

Album/EP : Hibernaculum Decay

Genre: Brutal Death Metal

Label : Lord of The Sick Records

Location : Texas

FFO : Cerebral Incubation, Parasitic Ejaculation, Devour The Unborn

From the moment the music kicks in on the first track, it just straight up kicks you in the dick. Once again, the production is just a little bit different from what I’m used to. But its still pretty clean. The shining element here is how they sound like they have been around for years. The mix on this record is great. Nothing outshines anything at all.

The song structures are nothing different from the rest of the genre. Very sporadic, but flows very cleanly. They do os in a couple small slams, which I thought was a nice touch. Once again, I am not sure what the theme is. But this is one recording I wish I knew. I feel like it would add to the listener experience.

I will definitely be listening to this more. Like I said earlier, it blew me away on just track one. Its just clean enough to where Its not over produced. But its also gritty, and heavy enough where it fits right in with the rest of the genre. Compared to their last release, The Prophecy in The Entrails, they stepped it up in a few ways. The production is definitely number one. All of the instruments seem to have gotten a little more structured. Basically, these guys definitely grew up. I cant wait to see the next release.

Overall, this record is fantastic. It literally has everything a brutal metal fan wants/needs. Between some of the heaviest double bass I’ve heard in a long time, to vocals so low, the human ear almost cant hear them. This record is a must have in any brutal death metal fan’s library.

Star Rating: 10/10

Strongest Song: Genesis of Abomination

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