Depraved Murder - Manifestation

Band : Depraved Murder

Album/EP : Manifestation

Genre: Brutal Death Metal

Label : Comatose Music

Location : Indonesia

FFO : Abominable Putridity, Dying Fetus, Devourment

The production on this record is very solid. The arrangements of the tracks are nothing short of relentless. They definitely waste no time getting right into the brutal death we all deserve. I feel like what makes them shine, is their sound. Each musician, to me at least, sound like a well seasoned veteran of the genre. The mix is very good as well. Everything is at just the right level. Nothing is too harsh on the ears, or hard to hear. I personally think that just from a production standpoint, this record is one that belongs In most brutal death metal fans catalogs. 

From what I could tell, there wasn’t much of a structure to the songs. Which is definitely okay. Not every great record needs to have structure. Despite the lack of structure, the record flows fantastically. Is that even a word? Well it is now. Each track has its own brand of relentlessness. They aren’t blazing fast, which I prefer. They are just the right speed to head bang too. If you can easily find the timing and head bang in correct time with a song, to me, that’s a great track. 

The description I got along with this promo, makes total sense for the band name/album title. Is seems like the record has to do with death, which is something I expected. But death being the only way to please a god? I didn’t quite expect. 

Ive had this on repeat for a while. A couple times a day in fact. Its a fantastic record. Its got just the right amount of brutality that I like. Don’t get me wrong, I love Slam and Brutal Death Metal, but sometimes I don’t want a super loud blast beats and toilet bowl noises. Granted these vocals are VERY low, but this record is rhythmically at just the right level for me. I went back an checked out their previous record (Remnants of Depravity). Dont get me wrong, that record does have its heavy parts. But they really stepped it up on this one. The playing all around is more organized. The production/mix is way better. I just feel like they have found their sound, and I hope they stick with it.

Ovefrall, im hooked. Manifestation has just the right sounds to hook in a brutal death metal fan. But also can appeal to modern death metal fans. Having a record label like Comatose Music being them, there really is no telling what this band can achieve. They are pure brutality. Manifestation is 30 minutes of assault on your ears. This record needs to be in your library.

Star Rating: 10/10

Strongest Song: Denounce The Weak

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