Destrage - The Chosen One

Band- Destrage

Album- The Chosen One

Genre- Progressive Metalcore

Label- Metal Blade Records

Location- Milan, Italy

FFO- The Dillinger Escape Plan, Periphery, The Human Abstract

With music like this, good production is key. If it isn’t on point this brand of metalcore just turns into unrecognizable noise and chaos. So with the help of producers Salvatore Addeo and Matteo “Ciube” Tabacco, Destrage were able to gather everything together and put out one clean album of pure insanity and metal. Knowing they didn’t have a deadline, the band really took their time with this one. They made sure the album was gonna be a banger. Something evil was brewing in their minds when they wrote this record. Drummer Federico Paulovich was on a different plain with his performance on “The Chosen One”. He was not afraid to use every single inch of his kit and it’s easy to hear. Being able to snap back and forth between styles in a split second is a lost art. Such a fun listen. Guitars were handled by Matteo Di Gioia and Ralph Guido Salati. They not only brought a controlled chaos to the record but also thousands of fun and crazy riffs. Whenever I was able to catch my breath, they throw another riff at me. On top of the insanity they add subtle melody that fits perfectly. Now we really need to talk about the vocal performance on “The Chosen One”. Paolo Colavople should be immensely proud of his vocal work on this record. Back and forth, back and forth his range goes. From ear piercing shrieks to hardcore shouts. His cleans are both haunting and and relaxing. Reminded me of a Chino from Deftones at times. Now one thing that bummed about his vocals were the lack of his mid range growls. When he did use them they were incredible. I would have loved a bit more in the end but I am quite impressed with his overall performance.

One thing Destrage are able to do well is being able to grab the chaos by the balls and make it their bitch. Not at one point did it seem over the top or that they were losing control of their music. Now this is not your traditional metal by any means. Which to me is great. You never know what is coming up next. It is off tempo and borderline structure less. Now if you want to know what I am talking about, just listen to the title/opening track “The Chosen One”. You can hear everything this band does well in one song. Including an all over vocal performance by Paolo. I do believe it is a song like “Hey, Stranger” that stands out the most though. A catchy chorus and world class drumming make it shine brighter then the rest of the album. I mean the whole album is incredible but this one just stands out a bit more. Oh and “Mr. Bugman has saxophone solo in it. Do I need to say more?

Bands like The Dillinger Escape Plan and The Human Abstract were really good at playing their music with tremendous energy and passion, which translated to wild shows. I feel like Destrage are another of those bands. I can only imagine the pits. This band has been doing this style of music for almost 20 years and I hope they don’t ever stop. For people who like chaos in their music I highly suggest you listen to “the Chosen One”. This is the other side of metal we don’t talk much about. And that is a damn shame. If this music doesn’t make you want to get up and slam your shoulder to everything around you then your deaf.

“The Chosen One” drops May 24th on Metal Blade Records

Rating- 9/10

Strongest Song- Hey, Stranger!

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