Disentomb - The Decaying Light

Band : Disentomb

Album/EP : The Decaying Light

Genre: Brutal Death Metal

Label : Unique Leader Records

Location : Brisbane, QLD, Australia

FFO : Visceral Disgorge, Defeated Sanity, Pathology

You ever hear a record that makes you go, Holy shit, out loud? This should be one of them. The production on this is fantastic. When I jammed this in my car, I thought the vocals were mixed a little low. But have no fear, it just turned out to be my bass booster was on. What stood out to me about this record is there seems to be a little more rhythm to their playing. Not too much, its still super chaotic, but just enough to where you can tell they took their time writing this record. As I referenced the mix above, its actually just right. Everything is at the right levels, nothing overpowers anything else. 

Despite the songs being as chaotic as brutal death goes, they flow very well. They go from super fast riffle, to their signature slooms. If you don’t know what a slum is, its not to be confused with Slurm from the show Futurama. Either way, party on. I could be wrong on a possible theme of the record. But with tracks like ‘ Your Prayers Echo Into Nothingness’ and ‘The Great Abandonment’, I feel like the record has to do with religion, and the death of god/religion, or something like that. 

There is a ton of replay value here. Especially if you’ve been waiting for this record for 3 years like I have. I feel like the lyrics are on point with my suspected theme. Nothing overtly against religion, but definitely nothing in favor of religion. My favorite part is how the vocals are low and nasty, but at parts are still a bit ambient (see the track ‘The Great Abandonment’). Compared to their massive last record entitled ‘Misery’, not too much has changed. They stuck to what got them fans in the first place. They did seem to branch out with some ambient back tracks. Which only add a level of evil/eeriness to the tracks. The production/mix is just a hair better as well, in my opinion. This album is definitely a step in the right direction. 

Overall, this album is a banger. Its got just about everything you need. Its got fast technical riffs, that they balance well with slow/low chugging slooms. Henri’s drum patterns are just mind blowing. Jord’s vocals are just intense. They are like if the devil started playing brutal death, but also worked out. Like alot. This record is just an evil piece of work, that every fan of the genre should hear. 

Star Rating: 10/10

Strongest Song: Your Prayers Echo Into Nothingness, The Decaying Light




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